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Stuck On You

Stuck On You

Were you that kid growing up that never had your name on a pencil, keychain, shoe laces, etc? Maybe you weren’t an Ashley, or a Melissa or a John? I was lucky and in most cases could find items with my name on it growing up but nowadays, names are more unique or spelled in a much less conventional way. Y is certainly making it’s place in the world in place of I in a lot of names! When we were deciding on bug’s name, I really fell in love with the name Olivia… unfortunately for us, so did a lot of other people that year – It was one of the top names for her birth  year! It’s a beautiful name, but we wanted something a bit more unique and went with Alivia. See where I’m going with this…?

My kid is the one who is constantly correcting people – “A”livia, not “O”livia – it’s certainly made finding personalized items for her a challenge so whenever we find something we can personalize for her – we jump on it!

Stuck On You approached us and I absolutely had to jump on board. I’m a huge fan of labeling things but let’s be serious. Sometimes labels fall off. Or they are just missed in general. I generally scout out good quality lunch kits and accessories for Alivia’s back to school items because I know they’ll last longer – but they aren’t cheap! I want to do everything I can to make sure the items I’ve invested in make it home safely.

Stuck On You

For our review, we chose a selection of fun back to school items. A lunch kit and matching water bottle in “woodland animals”, a pack of the 0-5 button tag pack including shoe labels, iron on clothing labels, everyday labels and a bag tag and a reward chart package. In typical mom fashion, I totally dropped our water bottle the first day and put a nice dent in it, totally my fault and next time I’ll make sure to not hold it above concrete and balance it on top of everything else!

Stuck On You Labels

My favorite part of ordering on Stuck On You was the level of customization available. With most of the themes you can change colors, icon’s and font for your child’s name. I have a bit of a thing for Woodland creatures – they are pretty adorable and age appropriate so I tried to stick with that theme throughout our labels and accessories. I was so impressed with the high quality of the lunch kit, it’s an insulated kit with an easy interior to wipe down and clean and a durable handle perfect for little hands. The water bottle has faired pretty well with regular use since it’s initial incident (sorry bug…), the name and scene haven’t scratched off in any area so we’re pretty excited that it will last us the year and maybe longer!

Stuck On You

With back to school definitely comes back to school labeling – if you are like me you purchase high quality items to last the school year and as much as I’d love to KEEP purchasing those items when they disappear -I really don’t! I want to do everything I can to make sure much loved items make it back to their rightful owner. With coats, shoes, socks, kits, backpacks and more you really want to make sure to either label or customize them to make sure there’s no question of who it should go home with. Stuck On You offers a variety of different sized labels to meet different needs – we chose to go with large ones that would help Alivia recognize her own items – and of course shoe labels!

Stuck On You

Last on our review but certainly not least was the rewards chart. Kids of any age understand reward – be it a sticker or praise. We’re just starting to do nighttime potty training and I wanted to have a way to show her progress in a supportive way. The rewards charts come in a package of 3 with a sheet of matching stickers – again available in a variety of fun themes – and each page has a magnet on the backside for display on the fridge. We started with ours on our fridge but have since moved to tape ours up in the hallway leading to her room so she could be reminded when she walks past to use the potty that she is working towards a reward. We’re on day 5 so far – and she *loves* putting her stickers on!

Stuck On youOur final thoughts: We loved our package and can’t wait for back to school! Stuck on You offers more then we’ve shared with you so make sure to head over and check out their assortment of lunch kits, gift ideas, water bottles, labels and so much more!

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{Disclosure: Stuck On You generously provided us with samples for our review. All opinions are our own and we would never share anything we didn’t love with our readers}

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