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Backyard Discovery

Canadians and their families love to get together; whether it is for a birthday or just because we are always up for food and fun with the ones we love. Of course, because we are in Canada, the weather can definitely negatively impact those plans. This is exactly why we’ve been looking into a more permanent backyard feature that was practical, beautiful, and could withstand the weather changes throughout the year. That’s how we met those amazing people at Backyard Discovery. 

After losing a few outdoor tent canopies to strong winds we were definitely tired of being disappointed and needed to invest in a more solid structure. We needed something to cover a large BBQ from bad weather, and wanted something that people would look forward to gathering around when the weather allowed it. Thankfully the detail-oriented staff at Backyard Discovery were thrilled to help us make the best choice for our space and our budget.  

Specializing in everything for making your outdoor space just right, we knew we were in good hands in terms of advice for what we needed for our space. We wanted to make sure we were getting a great space for cooking, no matter the weather, as well as a place where people could gather around the cook; the person who is often left out of conversations. We wanted all that plus options for more counter space as well as electrical hookups. Not only that but we needed solid quality, we needed all the bells and whistles thankfully they were up to the challenge and helped us get exactly that. AND… how GORGEOUS is the wood stain!?

Backyard Discovery
Canadians bbq all year round

Biggest Selling Points For Choosing Backyard Discovery?

Experience Speaks For Itself

With over 30 years of experience in the business, their dedication to quality and customer care made them the perfect choice for families across the country. Backyard Discovery manufactures high-quality wooden swing sets, playhouses, and backyard leisure products. Their team of innovators and specialists is dedicated to bringing their love of quality family moments to your backyard.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

No matter what you are wanting to create for your backyard space they will have an option. From elaborate playsets and houses to raised planter beds or porch swings, Backyard Discovery will have what you are looking for. Being able to provide such a great range of quality products with a staff of 300 is incredible. They truly are dedicated to their work and you can tell. 

Environmental Impacts Matter

Not only are they making quality products they are making sure that those products aren’t creating a negative impact on the planet. They participate in the Sustainable Forest program, which means that for every tree removed to make their sets, four saplings are planted. In addition, as they prepare the wood for boxing, they apply a water-based treatment to it. The treatment is visually appealing, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic to children.

Built Strong And Weather Resistant

Their gazebos are amazingly made and ensure being able to withstand winds of 100 mph and up to 2,284 pounds of snow. Making them perfect for the weather across Canada no matter what extremes your area may face. Made with 29 gauge steel roofing you’re provided with dent and corrosion resistance so you know you will have a long-lasting structure come: wind, snow, or hail! The steel roof even gives you a heat barrier which reduces your heat transfer by 20 degrees. And with their 5-year limited warranty on top of all that you can rest easy knowing your 100% cedar grill gazebo is going to last many years and many family BBQs. Basically, this bad boy can take anything and everything mother nature throws at it.

Backyard Discovery
Because bad weather doesn’t stop us Canadians

But How Did You Like Yours?

Like? We love our new backyard feature! The Saxony Grill Gazebo was the perfect addition to our backyard patio space. It provides the perfect way to make a special meal without the cook being left out of all the conversation, all while giving even more cooking space to the chef. It arrived with ease in two large boxes easily marked box 1 of 2 and box 2 of 2 to ensure we got everything we needed. The boys were so excited to jump in and get building the first weekend we had, as soon as we could we got busy opening boxes, gathering tools we needed, and organizing all the bits and pieces of hardware provided. 

Thankfully we had a cold but sunny weekend for the building which made it all the more fun and that much more enjoyable. Now they do have an incredible professional assembly service you are welcome to use, taking advantage of them if you don’t have any building experience is a really good idea. The instructions and app with step-by-step guides are thorough and make it easy to build, for someone with little experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to ensure your item is built to perfection. Thankfully being in a family of construction workers of all kinds I had the handy job of a supervisor while the professional dads got to work! After two days of building, we were thrilled with the end results. The cedar wood smells amazing and the rain hitting the top of the roof is such a beautiful sound and pairs lovely with the deep sizzles of the BBQ. 

The gazebo has all the features we wanted, enough space for our very large grill, ample table space, and electrical ports so we can even plug in slow cookers to keep food items warm when we do larger buffet-style dinners. With the three USB ports we also never have to worry about my phone losing power or missing timers. It is the perfect cooking zone for our backyard space.  We’re just missing the stools to finish off the space, we can’t wait for them to get here.

We have now created a backyard space thanks to Backyard Discovery that’s focused on gathering together and ensuring no one is left out of the conversation. The space is now so versatile for any party idea we can come up with and not even bad weather is going to stop us from doing so. We can’t recommend Backyard Discovery more highly for your all-weather, all-season backyard space. 

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Tell us what would do you dream of adding to your backyard space?