Hi, I’m Tara.

Hello new friends! I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’re like me and navigating parenthood and it’s ever changing challenges, blessings and rewards while also juggling discovering yourself in a newly diagnosed neurospicy disorder.. you’re in the right place! I believe in body positivity, self love, and mental health awareness. My heart is in being a cheerleader for those around me and even though I am severely introverted, I love meeting new friends.

You’ll find content around here all over the place, from my favourite Cricut crafts, to Automotive Reviews, to upcoming Events and more. Much like my ADHD brain, things can go all over the place here. I’m 10 years into this blogging/influencer adventure and no day is ever the same, so buckle up for some adventures.

Coming along on this journey with me is A, my rainbow mini me. After a long journey with infertility, she came barreling into the world and the rest is history.

You can follow along with more daily content both on my Facebook Page & Instagram. We laugh a lot, chat about what’s happening in and around Metro Vancouver, host incredible contests and share only the very best memes. If you like to laugh and build a community, come say hi!

Kaylyn barr

You’ll see a lot of personal opinions on this blog as I share what great gems we’ve have found while exploring with kids in tow. We’ll help you find ways to keep your little ones entertained and engaged while still staying within a budget.

Our integrity on this blog is extremely important to us, we will always share our honest opinions with our readers. From time to time we may receive products in exchange for reviews and include them on this blog; all opinions are our own and not influenced by sponsors.

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