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Back to School Savings with #CartersOshKosh #Kidsentials

  I’m still having a hard time accepting that my little monkey is about to make that big march up the steps of a big school. I thought I wasn’t ready emotionally, but let me tell you… I am even less ready everything else wise! A kid heading off to school is expensive. When you factor in supplies, backpacks and lunch bags, snacks and lunch items, and of course back

Back to School with Emily Press

Just a few more days before our preschoolers head off to walk up the big steps at a big school! Difficult to believe it’s been five years already, and now suddenly we’re thrown into school lunches school drop off/pick ups and school supplies! I am sure parents with kids already in school know the battle; you buy super cute things at the start of school and by the end of

Geox Back to School

I can’t believe that in just a few short weeks A is going to be starting Kindergarten! It really feels like the past 5 years have flown by and I am slowly preparing myself for that first walk into school to leave her with a new teacher. With school approaching quickly, I’m also scurrying to get in last minute back to school shopping. Making sure that we have some great

Native Marbled Shoes

Anyone else fighting the summer shoe battle right now? You know the one I’m talking about – NO, you can’t wear your rubber boots in 30 degree weather, no those fleece lined boots aren’t a good fit either! Where’s your runners? WHY are you wearing no socks in your runners? I feel ya mommas, I really do! That’s why we’re sharing one of our fave shoe brands for kids and

Doonbug Designs

My first born is a girl. Those of you who have experience with little girls know that there is NO shortage of adorable outfits and accessories to be had and there are a bazillion different fashionable choices in items from head-to-toe. And we had quite a freaking cute wardrobe, let me tell you! Then, we had a boy. Instantly my fashion choices for my little babe were cut in less