personalized gifts

Stuck On You

Were you that kid growing up that never had your name on a pencil, keychain, shoe laces, etc? Maybe you weren’t an Ashley, or a Melissa or a John? I was lucky and in most cases could find items with my name on it growing up but nowadays, names are more unique or spelled in a much less conventional way. Y is certainly making it’s place in the world in

Homeworks Etc

My daughter is growing up. Her room has gone from Disney princess to Hannah Montana to a tweeny mix of peace signs and skulls. Thankfully, these changes didn’t require anything major like painting walls and I love how quickly a room can be transformed with a swap of accessories. A few accent pillows, wall hangings and such can really impact the look of a space and when it comes to

Things Engraved Crown

Raise your hand if you are the perfect gift giver. The one who shops 6 months in advance, always has the perfect, sentimental gift on hand, painstakingly created and shipped with ample time for the holidays. You spend December relaxing in front of the fire, sipping egg-nog and watching Christmas movies without a stress in the world during the holidays. Anyone? Yeeea…. I’m not one of those either. I love