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Homeworks EtcMy daughter is growing up. Her room has gone from Disney princess to Hannah Montana to a tweeny mix of peace signs and skulls. Thankfully, these changes didn’t require anything major like painting walls and I love how quickly a room can be transformed with a swap of accessories. A few accent pillows, wall hangings and such can really impact the look of a space and when it comes to kids rooms well, they have to be able to adapt to your growing child’s personality and tastes.

I recently stumbled upon Homeworks Etc Kids while looking up décor ideas and I fell in love with their simple yet fun designs and themes. From sports to animals, transportation to dinosaurs to space and beyond, there is a piece or combination to suit nearly every child and give their room a personal touch. Collection pieces include wall decals, wood letters, growth charts, wall hooks, canvas wall art, wood signs and blackboards and you can mix and match items any way you choose to suit your child’s space. They can also personalize their wood signs with names or quotes, especially awesome if your child (or niece/nephew etc) has an unusual name like my son Breton, or you have an inspirational quote or mottos you would like to display.

Homeworks Etc

Homeworks Etc Kids founder Jacqueline De’Ath was expecting her first child in 2002 and starting to prep her nursery when she couldn’t find anything that spoke to her to decorate with. Determined not to settle, she made her own out of wood and paint and soon found that they made great gifts as well. In 2007 this Mompreneur turned her handcrafted hobby into a full-time business and now her designs are being sold in specialty stores across Canada and into the US as well as online. And she’s local to the Lower Mainland!

As I mentioned before, my daughter is growing up. I wanted a piece that would stay with her awhile. She’s nearly 10 and has always liked skulls. Her father and I like skulls as well, so I figured it would be a safe bet that the Skull Wall Hook is not so easily outgrown and would get years of use. In fact, I envision it in her dorm room at university. And because it is so simple to hang and remove, it can easily be moved to a different spot, different height as they get older or different room if you move. Amy’s hook came in pink, because she will always have a little bit of a girly side and, well…pink skull!

DSC05686Homeworks Etc Pink Skull

I chose a skull hook for my son as well but in black. He’s nearly 4, likes skulls and pirates, but also cars and trucks. His was a tougher choice but in this case longevity won out. I was sorely tempted to get a fire truck or train but knew that again, the Skull Wall Hook in black would grow with him too. They are so cute, and the kids love using them for their robes since the hooks on the backs of the doors are too high. And one less thing on the floor is a good thing!


Tara chose a blue owl for Alivia, as owl’s have been a consistent theme in her room since her coming home from the hospital. She loved that it was a simplistic style that will also last her for years to come.

The wall hooks are a 5.5 x 5.5 inch MDF base with chosen accent and have a matte black metal hook hardware. Proudly made in Canada, all paints used meet Environment Canada VOC guidelines. The keyhole slot in the back is designed for easy wall mounting, but if you are unsure in any way how to hang it, watch this helpful video.

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