ElectricGo opens over 120 stations across Metro Vancouver

How many times have you been out and about with friends or family, only to discover that you forgot to charge your device, or something running in the background has completely drained it? Seeing as we use our phones for access to everything from banking to transportation to safety check-ins with friends, this can impact so many parts of your day.

ElectricGo saw a need to make portable charging stations accessible and has recently added over 120 charging stations across Metro Vancouver at partners including Rogers Arena, The Roxy, Big Splash, Wings, Vera’s Burger Shacks, KPU, Langara and more {full list of partners here}. Unlike charging stations that require you to stay tethered to the station, ElectricGo offers portable chargers for a nominal security deposit that can come and go with you as you please.

Similar types of device stations are very popular at theme parks around the US and offer an ease of use that doesn’t require you to always lug around a heavy charger, to outright purchase one you may only use a couple of times, or to create waste without proper recycling education on lithium batteries. Admittedly, I’ve been waiting a bit impatiently for similar systems to show up here, as I am often at events that require me to shoot content throughout the day and the last thing I want is to have to find a wall plug, or carry around extra weight with large power banks.

Photo of a cell phone next to an ElectricGo charging bank

We had a chance to ask Ross Pearson, Operations Manager for ElectricGo a few questions about their expanding company and how they offering a safe and sustainable option for the public to enjoy fully charged devices at the click of app button.

1. What was the driving force behind the ElectricGo idea?

ElectricGo is convenience-based- everyone has found themselves out and about with a dying phone at least once or twice, so what we sought to do was fill a gap we had identified in that area of the market. What we have done since is station our kiosks in many restaurants and bars throughout the BC area, anywhere where you would expect someone to visit at the end of a long day and could find themselves low on charge. 

2. How important is sustainability to the company? How are you ensuring that less waste is created?

Sustainability is a key pillar of our company’s foundation. All batteries are recycled once at the end of their usable life, and we are seeking to minimize the purchases of individual-owned portable chargers, many of which end up in a common trash bin with their lithium battery still in tact, which as we have learned more and more is detrimental to the health of our planet. Another thing we do is use green energy with all of our stations, lessening the need for coal and other forms of energy to be burned in order to power our electronics. 

ElectricGo charging stand with chargers docked inside

3. How is ElectricGo helping local communities?

The ElectricGo model was also created with public safety in mind, as having the chance to charge up at a bar later on in the night can hope to help reduce drunk driving and instances of the like, which can happen due to a dead phone and no way to call a ride or friend to come to drive you home. It is also a way to protect individuals late at night, who won’t have to risk walking alone and the dangers that a dead phone invites if they use ElectricGo to charge up before leaving. 

4. How many times can a device be charged from one power bank?

As long as the portable charger still has charge, as long as you’d like. ElectricGo portable chargers have even been fashioned with a micro-USB port so they can be recharged at home if you find yourself forgetting to return it before leaving. 

5. What are your partners saying about ElectricGo?

So far the feedback has been great, bartenders aren’t quite as burdened by people coming up requesting a plugin, and it has been great for restaurants to be able to offer an extra service to their customers without having to pay anything. 

close up of electricgo charging bank with blurred station in background

6. How can a business/partner request a station?

Stations can be requested at this link: https://electricgoapp.com/front-page-2/request-station/

7. Is there a charge for being a partner?


8. Are there any compatibility issues consumers should be aware of?

All of our chargers include micro-USB, lightning, and USB-C. We charge a very minor security deposit, and pre-authorization payment prior to any customers first use, but these are returned as soon as the charger is back. 

9. Where can consumers follow ElectricGo for partner updates and more?

Follow us on Instagram at @electricgo.app or visit https://electricgoapp.com/

mans hand inserting an electricgo charging bank into a portal phone charger stand

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