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Mommy Loves MaddyWhen my kids were really small and still in diapers I, of course, carried a diaper bag. And, like most of you, I carried not only diapers and wipes, but snacks, drinks, crayons, balloons, little toys and goodness knows what else! Now that my youngest is out of diapers I am free of the diaper bag and the varied contents that weighed me down. I love it! But there are times that, without my bag of tricks, I find myself unprepared. Whether it be a long sit in traffic, the Dr running behind schedule, or the restaurant being busier than expected, on more than one occasion I have found myself wishing for that bottomless bag to entertain once Eye Spy turns into Annoy Your Sister. I was pleased to discover Mommy Loves Maddy and their chalkboard mats and it has been used happily by both kids. And us. Tic tac toe anyone?

Mommy Loves Maddy’s chalkboard mats come in a variety of fabric ‘frames’ and have little pockets to hold chalk or even little toys. They roll up to tuck away neatly and yet the chalkboard never creases and is very durable. And…machine washable! This is awesome since we’ve gotten some gravy on ours while eating out. It also helps to save a few trees. My kids go through a lot of paper when they are in a drawing mood.


We’ve brought our chalkboard mat everywhere and use it for everything from practicing letters, drawing roads for cars or habitats for animals, and waiting games like tic tac toe and hangman. The little elastics keep it nicely rolled after use so it takes up very little space.

Mommy Ashleigh was inspired after the birth of her daughter to make cute things for kids and so started making diaper covers, bibs, and other accessories. She expanded her line up and fabric use after having her son and noticing that there weren’t as many cute things for boys. Now her products can be found in fabrics ranging from gender neutral to sporty to ultra girly to nature or animal themed and all sorts of other adorable prints to help capture the personality of the child.

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To help fill the stocking of a little one this Christmas, Mommy Loves Maddy is giving away one of their fun and durable chalkboard mats.

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{Disclaimer: I was provided with a product sample to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own}

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