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2016 Holiday Gift Guide now open for submissions!

Are you a brand, PR representative, retailer or an independent shop looking to expand your product visibility? Are  you looking to run a giveaway to maximize your exposure over the holiday season? We would love to help you! ‘Tis (almost) the season again, the one that leaves everyone clamoring to find the perfect gift for that special someone in their life. British Columbia Mom is excited to open up submissions for

Love Designs

When Alivia was little, I was the doting mom. I recorded every milestone, every step, tooth and word. I wrote her little love notes in her baby book and took the time to organize, sort and display some of her artwork as she got older. Now that she’s almost 5 and basically never stops moving or talking, I’ve found it a bit more difficult to keep up with everything. I

I See Me Books

What kid doesn’t love personalized items? Whether it be a toothbrush or a mug, having your name on something not only establishes it as yours, sometimes necessary when you have siblings, but makes you feel special. For young kids, it is also great for name and letter recognition, which are early reading skills. As an unusual name bearer myself, I never got to experience that little thrill as a child.

Bamboletta Dolls

Growing up, like most girls, I played with dolls; playing tea party, or pretending I was the mommy or the teacher depending on the day. When I had my daughter, it only seemed natural to buy her various dolls as well, only her pretend scenarios were more about fashion shows or concerts where her dolls would perform. When she was six, we had her brother. And guess what? He plays