gift ideas

Splat & Co

I’m no stranger to wool dryer balls, I’ve been using them off and on in our home for the past 2 years. I’ve found they are pretty great at keeping towels and blankets from only “half-drying” and a great alternative to smelly dryer sheets! To be honest though, I had only ever used ones that were mass produced and I was eager to change that. I just happened to be

Vtech Kidizcoom Actioncam

Mini videographers and photographers are gaining popularity in a world full of cameras. It was from a very young age that Alivia discovered her love for taking photos and admittedly.. I was a little bit scared letting her use my DLSR. After much pleading I would inevitably give in tightening the that strap as much as I could but there’s only so much little hands can carry – and my

Mouse & Moose GIveaway

It’s not often that I shop on Etsy without a goal, I’m distracted pretty easily so it’s usually for birthday decorations or outfits for a celebration. I never really thought to explore the eco-friendly side of toys on Etsy and was so grateful when Kristen – the owner and work from home mom behind Mouse & Moose contacted me. All of us firmly believe in and stand behind companies that

Handprint/FootPrint Gift Ideas

So this year is the first year that Mother’s Day is going to be a bit different in my house. This is the first year that Nicole doesn’t have someone other than myself, to help her with making Mother’s Day a little bit more special than any other day. So how do we make the mothers in our lives feel like Mother’s Day is not just any other day? We have

Got Craft

Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair, Got Craft?, springs back for their 17th event at the Maritime Labour Centre on Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and 3, 2015. I am super excited to be attending this one, having peeked through the vendor list and spying a few of my personal favorites; including craft’ed (bookmarks, magnets, cards), quirky paper co. and EllaMinnoPea (check out Noah’s story below!).

Kiss Naturals

I can hardly believe that my baby is 10. Sure, it just happened. But the signs my girl is growing up have been coming for awhile. She is finding her own style, caring more about her appearance, and is asking about *gasp* cosmetics. We struggle (her dad maybe a little more) with this desire to enhance her appearance. We also want to make sure that what she puts on her face