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Splat & Co I’m no stranger to wool dryer balls, I’ve been using them off and on in our home for the past 2 years. I’ve found they are pretty great at keeping towels and blankets from only “half-drying” and a great alternative to smelly dryer sheets! To be honest though, I had only ever used ones that were mass produced and I was eager to change that. I just happened to be wandering (see: wasting time) on instagram one day and came across wool dryer balls that would forever change my life – made locally by a husband and wife team over at Splat and Co!

I’m a total sucker for novelty stuff, I want every item in my house to be a representation of me right down to my silly tea towels and artwork around our home. I figured the one place I hadn’t had a chance to personalize and have more fun with was my laundry room – I spend a LOT of time doing laundry in a house with a preschooler and a construction worker so you can imagine that our washer and dryer get a good work out weekly.

Cosmetics aside, Splat and Co does make some pretty remarkably fun patterns but there is so much more to this company then just fun wool dryer balls.

We believe strongly in supporting our local industries and economy, we have a vision towards environmentalism, sustainability, and local economic growth realized through original hand crafted lifestyle accessories for the whole family. – Splat and Co.

This wonderful family fun business also happens to carry many other products made with natural fiber, such as hand knit wool cowls, wool leg warmers and funky wool hats of various styles. All these handcrafted items are knit using Canadian merino wool and lovingly created in the heart of the Okanagan. Splat & Co is accurately described as Edgy, Funky, but Cute EcoPunk Lifestyle at it’s best. And it’s easy to see why! It’s not only easy to support a company that is so passionate about sustainable living but you can feel great knowing that they care just as much about our local communities as you do!

Splat and Co

When I chose our dryer balls I was so won over and had a hard time choosing, with fun designs ranging from denim to cats, it’s easy to see how they quickly became a favourite in our home. When I met with Jamie and Mike to pick them up I was absolutely shocked at the size of them! Having used commercial dryer balls in the past I was expecting a much more compact ball and was pleasantly surprised to be presented with a softball size ball of wooly softness. Don’t fret though, they don’t stay big forever.. as you use them over time they slowly shrink down and eventually become a toy for the whole family. I’ve been told that both kids and cats eventually end up playing with them. They are completely chemical free as well, so you don’t need to worry if you happen to lose one to a preschooler on laundry day!

In typical Tara fashion, I went with cats. I couldn’t resist the adorable detail on these cute critters! I also chose a complementary purple set and a vanilla fragrance. I ended up ordering 2 sets because of my previous dryer ball use, because the balls were so tightly produced they were smaller and to really maximize them it was recommended that you use 4-6 balls. I quickly learned from Jamie however that isn’t the case with Splat & Co wool dryer balls, 3 was plenty!

Product details: Set of three Canadian wool dryer balls, handmade, approximately 50 grams of durable wool. Dryer balls may vary in size slightly depending on the felting process but our dryer balls are approximately 11-12″ round and are 50g of wool throughout so these will last for years.

Splat & Co

We’ve been using our purple set for the past 8 or so weeks, and at 7-10 loads of laundry a week they have stood up far better then I could have ever expected. I drop 3-4 drops of the vanilla fragrance on them once a week and our laundry smells amazing – without having a chemical added! These balls will last you upwards of 1000 loads of laundry without breaking down, they will slowly shrink over time and you’ll know when it’s time to replace them (usually when the cat, or kid steals them!).

So WHY wool dryer balls? First off, why not? Wool dryer balls have been proven to cut drying time by at least 30%, that’s less time you are running your dryer, less hydro and less wear and tear. Second, dryer sheets and additives can clog your lint trap and without proper cleaning it can pose a serious fire hazard. I know I am terrible for remembering to clean mine. Static? Lesss static! And lastly, we wear clothes and sleep on blankets every single day, what we have against our skin should be as chemical free as we can possibly make it! Cut out the chemical scents, and dry naturally.

Splat and Co

We love our Splat & Co wool dryer balls so much and we’re pretty confident you will too! These 3 packs make the perfect gift idea for any eco-friendly family member or friend – or just for yourself. You’ll be amazed how quickly you fall in love with them and how they’ll change your laundry lifestyle!

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