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Swap Watch

Swap WatchI have a lot of anxiety surrounding time. I need to be on time, if not early (a tricky feat once kids are tossed into the mix), and I need to know what time it is on a very regular basis, especially if I’m on the road because I need to be somewhere. This means I check the time a lot, usually on my phone, but with the whole using a cell phone while driving being illegal thing, it is not the safest option; for other people on the road or my wallet. I suddenly found myself in the market for a watch, an accessory I haven’t owned in some time. I wanted it to be durable, but comfortable. I wanted something colourful, maybe a little quirky, and light in weight. It seemed like, unless I wanted to buck up large or wear a child’s watch, my options were pretty limited and I just wasn’t feeling anything I looked at. I can be incredibly picky when it comes to spending money, and needed to find ‘the one’. Then, I was directed to SWAP watches. Why hunt for the perfect time piece when I can design it myself?

SWAP watches offers two ways to customize your timepiece. With the SWAP Starter Kit option, you  can choose one of 24 different faces and then choose 2 bands to swap between with 26 different colour choices. Need some sparkle? Want some glow? To show off your superhero status? SWAP has a face for that! And swapping your bands to match you mood or outfit is incredibly easy. Just watch their video here!

Swap Watch

But if you really want to be unique, you’ll pick the Design-It-Yourself (DIY) option. The DIY SWAP watch allows you to use any picture as your watch face. There is a larger selection of pre-made faces to choose from (75) but you can also upload any image you choose to be your watch face; your pet, your kids, your favourite piece of artwork, anything you want to sport on your wrist. Even your favourite quote.

In 5 easy steps you’ll be creating your own Swap Watch, in your own style!

Step 1. Source out that image that you love as your background. I spent some time finding that perfect “me” photo.

Step 2. Choose between 49 different bands to really pull it all together. While most choices are solid colours, there are a few graphic bands as well as a black glitter one.

Step 3. If you’re looking for a bit more personalization this step is for you – with various fonts and point sizes to play with, you’re able to add a favourite inspirational quote, inside joke or inscription. Play around with different fonts and placements until you absolutely love it. Not into words? Just skip this step.

Step 4. Choose from black or white clock hands

Step 5. Swoon over your newly created Swap Watch and checkout!

Swap Watch
Tara and I each took a different route when designing our watches. I chose a somewhat flashy image and bright band, while she used her favourite quote and chose a sparkly black band. Both SWAP watches are quite unique, and we’ve had several compliments on them already! I love that the bands are soft, water resistant, light and can fit just about any wrist size. I’m not sure that I love my daughter ‘taking over’ my watch because she loves it so much. Perhaps I will let her design her own.

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