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It’s kind of a running joke in our house that I ruined my own proposal story. I’m deathly (like not even kidding) afraid of heights and my hubby had this dream idea of proposing to me at the top of a ferris wheel overlooking the PNE last year. Well, he badgered me for a solid hour about going up in this thing and I lost my cool, got mad, and stormed off. Suffice to say – he did not propose that day! Thankfully, he did come up with a backup plan but I do wonder how many partners out there have dreamed up their “dream” proposal but haven’t quite been able to execute it!

Spence Diamonds wants to make your dream proposal a reality and all you have to do is share your dream with them! Do you wish you could propose without having to worry about the planning (or in my case, someone screwing it up?). Spence Diamonds is giving one lucky winner their dream proposal each month between October 1 – December 31, 2015 for a total of three fabulous dream proposal winners!

Entering is easy, head over to and submit your wildest, sweetest, outrageous dream proposal plan and if you’re chosen.. Spence will make it a reality!

Spence Diamonds wants everyone’s proposals to be special, magical, and unforgettable – just like their love. After one proposes, people always want to hear how it happened. Spence Diamonds will make sure the winners’ proposals becomes a piece of their story they can carry with them. Each winner will win a proposal package with Just Because, which entails a tailored concept, surprise & event coordination tips, detailed blueprint of the final proposal plan, specialized theme and event decor design, on-site set-up & take-down, personal concierge service, as well as having it professionally captured as part of their love story.

After you submit your dream proposal on the website, you can head into any Sspence Diamonds’ locations to pick a unique engagement ring. Our proposal experts will read over all of the stories, select the best ones to film (so be creative!) and make them a reality. If you’re chosen, a Spence Diamonds’ representative will reach out and make your dream proposal come true, how wonderful!

For more information on Spence Diamonds and the Win Your Dream Proposal, go to

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Good Luck, we’d love to hear if your story is a winner!

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