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My Week by 2Fish Kids

My Week by 2Fish KidsBug is now at the age where she wants to know each and everyday where we are going that day. She’ll wake up, roll over and say “where we going today?”. Normally it’s the usual off to daycare while mommy goes to work but each day has another activity as well – swimming, library, dad day.. all things she looks forward to.

Towards the end of spring she starts to ask about her birthday – we attend a rash of parties in a short amount of time with friends so she can usually tell when her’s is likely coming and will start asking me – CONSTANTLY. We tried to come up with a way to help her understand the days of the week and what was coming with my calendar but it wasn’t really designed for a 4 year old.

We’ve had so much success using Easy Daysies for our daily routines – potty training, getting ready in the morning, school – so I figured there had to be another calendar like this for everyday activities… right? Surely some mom out there knew my struggles!

My Week: 2Fish Kids

When I discovered My Week, I was sold. In a heart beat I knew we needed this at our house. We depend on calendars to know what we are doing – so why shouldn’t our kids? I was so impressed to learn that the visionary and creator of My Week hand designed every aspect of her calendar – right down to the little “Today” guy. He’s a fave in our house!

My Week was created with kids and families in mind. Including 58 activity magnets with everything from swimming, to school and Alivia’s favorite – Special Event! I really appreciated that there were also 2 blank ones that you can fill in with the included whiteboard eraser, one of the first things Livvy did was write down “Dad” on her’s to signify one of her favorite days of the week: Daddy Daughter Day.

My Week: 2Fish Kids

Each My Week Calendar includes:

  • Magnetic calendar (13 1/8″ x 8 1/8″);
  • 58 activity magnets;
  • Dry erase marker; and
  • Reusable storage bag.

Some of these awesome magnets include activities, but what I found even more thoughtful was that they also include seasons, weather, a today/tomorrow/yesterday magnet and a home for each of them. I really love how much detail and thought went into this calendar, while teaching the days of the week you can also work on counting, (check out under the days of the week on the calendar!), seasons, and how the weather changes each day. Alivia loves helping me put up her week and will ask me “Mom, what day is it?”. I’ll tell her and she’ll stand in front of her calendar sounding out the days of the week to find out which day it is. It’s wonderful!

My Week is perfect for showing little ones how our days are organized. It is colourful, playful and personalized to your child’s life. Introduce the days of the week, seasons, weather, routines and special events! Help your child anticipate and recall their daily and weekly activities! Use My Week on a refrigerator, magnetic white board or even a cookie sheet!

2Fish Kids – the company behind My Week has another pretty neat product as well. If you are anything like me and my first time crazy momness you probably wrote down every single thing your baby did for the first oh.. 2 years? The big stuff, first time they smiled, crawled, first words… right? I have a baby book FULL of these but they aren’t done in a super organized way.. I would just write wherever I could find room. It makes it a bit of a challenge to go through and find a list… which I didn’t do.


Introducing Baby Talk by 2Fish Kids – it’s a solidly made board book with 20 pages for writing down those precious words that we coo over throughout the early stages of babyhood. If you’re anything like me and super wordy you’ll really appreciate the extra 2 pages at the back for notes as well! You can use the extra space on the page to include a photo of the word, let little one draw you a photo each time or just use it for notes. It’s a pretty great idea and build to last – I haven’t had a chance to go through Alivia’s baby book yet to fill ours in just yet but I am going to let her help me draw photos on each page. Now that she’s learning to read, many if her first words will be words she’ll be able to read all on her own!

I really think Baby Talk is a MUST for any upcoming baby showers or just a wonderful gift for new parents, husbands? Sneak the baby book and fill it in and surprise mom on mother’s day, wives? Same applies to Father’s Day. Sentimental gifts are the BEST.

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