Highlights Magazine

One of the only ‘highlights’ of going to the clinic or dentist as a kid was the stack of magazines available to read. They may have been a few years old, but there was always a handful of Highlights Magazines tucked in among the fashion magazines (also outdated, and hilariously so). These magazines have always been full of games, stories, riddles and craft ideas touching on animals, science, holidays, you

SpotsHUB - delivering same day smiles + #Giveaway!

It’s no secret that I love shopping, like lovvvve it. However, I’m a pretty frugal shopper so I factor in a few things before making my purchases. I’ve never been much of a fan of online shopping because I felt so limited in where I could purchase from. I really don’t like waiting 2+ weeks for my packages to arrive, to be dinged with additional duty or charges and the

Stuck On You

Were you that kid growing up that never had your name on a pencil, keychain, shoe laces, etc? Maybe you weren’t an Ashley, or a Melissa or a John? I was lucky and in most cases could find items with my name on it growing up but nowadays, names are more unique or spelled in a much less conventional way. Y is certainly making it’s place in the world in

Limeapple Little Lime

When I was pregnant, I had vivid dreams that I was going to have a boy. I had visions of light blue everything, trains, trucks and mommy’s little guy. Clearly, the universe had other plans for us because my house is now overflowing with pink, ruffles, lace and baby dolls – everywhere! I’ve learned to embrace it though, I love dressing Alivia in big bursts of fun colors – let’s

Awesome Pack

I’m a total sucker for subscription services, I’ve got one for myself and a few for Alivia. I like having extra little trinkets and toys stashed away for rainy days and rewards but find it challenging to make it to multiple different stores to find award winning games and toys, and still manage to do it with her with me. When we first teamed up with AwesomePack for a review,