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Awesome Pack

Awesome Pack

I’m a total sucker for subscription services, I’ve got one for myself and a few for Alivia. I like having extra little trinkets and toys stashed away for rainy days and rewards but find it challenging to make it to multiple different stores to find award winning games and toys, and still manage to do it with her with me.

When we first teamed up with AwesomePack for a review, we were immediately impressed at the level of personalization that goes into each box. It isn’t random, you pick age appropriate items for your family, let them know games or products that you may already have and items you are not interested in receiving. Have a certain character your child isn’t a fan of? Leave a note in the comments for the team!

IMG_7851Our AwesomePack arrived containing:

  • Shelby’s Snack shack Game
  • Bug Out card game
  • Mold & Paint glitter fairy kit
  • Despicable Me finger puppet (with candy!)
  • Frozen Sticker Book
  • Pack of Frozen Stickers (to go with sticker book)
  • Frozen magic paint sheets
  • AwesomePack activity book, magnet, sticker  & information

I had stashed this box of awesome in my closet so I could get some photos before Alivia dived in, once I let her at the box it was a free-for-all! She immediately wanted to play Shelby’s Snack Shack game and it has since become an everyday favorite, we play it often as a family and love that it is fostering learning while playing! It teaches little ones counting, number recognition, fine motor skills with the doggy tongs and picture recognition with the spinner.

Shelby's Snack Shack Game

Next on her “must-try” list was the Bug out card game – a fun spin on the everyday matching games on the market. With Bug-out you put half the cards face up on the floor (or table), hand out specific amounts of cards to players and in a rush everyone tries to match up their cards with ones on the floor! Alivia loves matching everything and yelling “BUG-OUT!” after every turn. It’s a fun, easy transportable game that really makes littles (and me!) laugh.

With the Minions moving come out and Alivia patiently counting down, her favorite little toy in the kit was the Minion finger puppet, she’s carries it around going banana to everyone – it’s a sweet little addition with a toy that is just for them and one they can have (and keep!) without needing to be cleaned up afterwards.


One thing I was a bit disappointed with was the sticker book – I’m not entirely sure this is a good match for a toddler who as of right now keeps sticking stickers all over my walls and fridge, we haven’t opened this one and will be saving it until she is a little bit older and can enjoy the collection aspect of it – right now she really doesn’t have any idea how to stick things in a straight line.

All in all, we were incredibly impressed with our Awesome Pack and loved the care that goes into matching each box to every family. No kids? Nooo problem, Awesome Pack also caters to the geeky side of grown-ups to with their Awesome Pack – Big Kid!

Each AwesomePack includes:

  • Unique Board Games
  • Hands on Fun – educational and creative toys
  • Big Fun from Little Things (a quality smaller activity)
  • Awesome activity book
  • Extra goodies, stickers, books, magnets.. it’s a surprise!
  • All for $44.99 USD, including free shipping

Subscription prices vary depending on the kit, family members and add-ons, we were pretty happy with ours and will likely continue to order – I love that each month comes with an educational (and not poor quality!) board game that is age appropriate, it’s been so much fun getting to play these games as a family and not having to source them out ourselves!

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