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Crayon Rocks

Crayon RocksCrayon RocksCrayons are one of the first writing utensils children learn to use and experiment with, long before a pencil or pen it usually ends up being a crayon. How many crayons have been broken, lost or shredded in your house? I’ve lost count at mine! When I was introduced to Crayon Rocks last year I couldn’t believe the improvement in Alivia’s writing just by leaving her to draw freely with her Crayon Rocks!

Crayon Rocks are specifically designed to encourage a tripod grip, this helps to correct improper closed fist grips that can prevent fine motor skill development. After a bit more research, I learned that often times Crayon Rocks are used in classrooms for children with autism, cerebral palsy and developmental delays to help encourage fine motor skills improvements. Not only that, they encourage creativity with vibrant colors, bright colors that blend and glide seamlessly over paper, boxes, crafts.. whatever strikes your fancy on a rainy afternoon!

Crayon Rocks

Not only do they promote fine motor skill development, they are made with Kosher soy wax and are completely phthalate free, the crayon colors are created by mixing wax and natural mineral pigments, the colors created are vibrant, smooth and we have personally found the crayons last a lot longer, combined with no fillers (other than natural ground up rock); the shape prevents breakage so once coloring is over, each rock goes back in the box until it is worn down.

Crayon Rocks Crayon Rocks

Our favorite feature of Crayon Rocks is the variety of colors, when you purchase a box they come with over 64 crayons, it is designed to last a classroom of 24 students an entire year! You can guess how long we have had ours since it is just us using them, I am convinced they are going to last forever in our home! Our crayons may look a little bit cloudy in the photos and that is due to how long we have had them, because they are created with a natural wax it is completely normal and does not affect the performance of the product at all.

Crayon Rocks

I also love that the box not only supports motor skill development but also offers an opportunity to teach colors, sorting and sharing. I dropped a box in front of two 3 year olds with a roll of Ikea paper and let them go to town. It was a lot of fun letting them experiment with each different grip and how the crayon would glide depending on how they held it. In the end, we flipped the paper over and they helped each other sort the colors out and counted them. One box kept them busy for over an hour = win!

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