Awesome Pack

I’m a total sucker for subscription services, I’ve got one for myself and a few for Alivia. I like having extra little trinkets and toys stashed away for rainy days and rewards but find it challenging to make it to multiple different stores to find award winning games and toys, and still manage to do it with her with me. When we first teamed up with AwesomePack for a review,

alivia curiosity box

Raise your hands if you have a craft drawer or cupboard that looks like a trash dump? Yep, I have about 9000 crayons, though I can never find the blue, red, or yellow ones when she wants them. I have markers that have lids that disappeared months ago yet I keep forgetting to throw out and oh.. glue? Where the heck is the glue!? I’ve said it before and I’ll

topbox august review

My favorite time of the month is hands down when I get my shipping (and delivery!) notification from Topbox. I don’t treat myself to very many things so I figure I can splurge and spend $13.44 (including shipping/tax!) on myself once a month and be surprised each time. I signed up for Topbox about 8 months ago and for the most part it has really introduced me to some brands