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Having a sleep routine is something that we started doing very early on for both of our daughters, and it is key to them having a good nights sleep. Cloud B has played a key part in that routine since day one. The typical bed time routine for the girls has included reading a book, turning on the sound machine in their rooms, and putting them in their bed or crib. Recently though we have changed things a bit. 

Our oldest has been expressing some fear of the dark, which I related to immediately because I was afraid of the dark when I was a kid. Thankfully Cloud B came to the rescue with exactly what was needed. A Dream Buddies Bunny soon became a part of our daughter’s bed time routine.

Cloud B Bunny - Discovering Parenthood

Dream Buddies are little plush stuffies that project a starry nights sky onto the walls, and ceiling of your child’s room. If you look carefully, you will be able to point out the Big Dipper to your child. The light can go from blue, to green, to amber. The slow changing of the colours is great for giving your child something to focus on, and help calm them before they go to sleep. It also adds just the right amount of light to the room to bring comfort for those who need it when in the dark.

The bunny has made a huge difference in our daughter being comfortable with being in her own room when it is dark. She is brave enough to push the button to turn it back on if the timer has gone, and it has turned off. Thanks to the 45 minute timer, we have no worries about her deep sleep being interrupted by a light. The bunny has also already made a few trips with us when we’ve gone on mini vacations, and it has joined the ranks of being one of her loved stuffies.

Things are a bit different for our youngest daughter. Bedtime has been very smooth for her. It’s nap time that has been a major struggle. We have been trying to find an item for her that she can have in the crib, or we can take with us when we go out, that is an item of comfort to her.

Cloud B Sheep - Discovering Parenthood

Hugginz Musical Plushie sheep from Cloud B has been a help. We were not sure how she was going to react to having a lullaby, instead of white noise, but the change seemed to be a welcomed by her.

The sheep is nice and compact, making it easy to carry around with us if needed. We are able to attach it to the stroller, or car seat thanks to the velcro tab. We have also attached it to the side of the crib. To activate the melody played by the music box that is hidden within the plushie you pull on the plush star, and a lullaby starts playing for a few minutes. The music helps to calm her, and she loves having a soft plushie that she can hold onto.

Cloud B has got you covered if you are searching for something to help get your child to sleep more soundly. The Hugginz Musical Plushie is also available as a monkey, bear, and bunny. The Dream Buddies is also available as a sheep and a lab. You will find one that you child will surely love, and help them to sleep.

Cloud B Bunny - Discovering Parenthood

Cloud B offers a wide variety of new friends; be it looking for sound, touch, light, sight.. there is a new friend waiting that is sure to help make bedtime a bit easier for both parents and children.

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