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DIY (adorable) sweet treat ideas with Jakks Pacific {Review}

‘Tis the season for holiday baking and sweet treats! I remember one of my favourite gifts growing up was an easy bake oven because it was something I could create all on my own and well..self made treats are always the best right? Alivia is huge into unicorns right now so I was pretty excited to discover the new Unicone Swirl Maker, complete with a pretty hilarious opportunity to make

Tsum Tsum Stack

If you know me personally, you probably already know that I am a hardcore Disney fan. ALL things Disney, it’s hard not to be when you grew up with so many wonderful classics. Now that A is a little bit older and we’ve started introducing her to some old favourites, we’ve been so excited to find new modern toys that still touch on some of the nostalgic fun of original

Cloud B

Having a sleep routine is something that we started doing very early on for both of our daughters, and it is key to them having a good nights sleep. Cloud B has played a key part in that routine since day one. The typical bed time routine for the girls has included reading a book, turning on the sound machine in their rooms, and putting them in their bed or crib.

Budsie reveal

Children are creative little creatures. They can be known to flood our desks, refrigerators and tables with doodles, drawings and other craft projects. And, let’s be honest here, they aren’t all keepers. But every now and again a true gem is placed lovingly in your hands and when you gaze upon it you just know you have to display it carefully or stash it away because it is that good;