Tsum Tsum, adorable collectable fun {Review}

Tsum Tsum Stack

Tsum Tsum Stack

If you know me personally, you probably already know that I am a hardcore Disney fan. ALL things Disney, it’s hard not to be when you grew up with so many wonderful classics. Now that A is a little bit older and we’ve started introducing her to some old favourites, we’ve been so excited to find new modern toys that still touch on some of the nostalgic fun of original Disney characters.

Tsum Tsum (Stack Stack in Japanese) is a playful, adorable collection of favorite Disney characters that kids and the kid at heart can collect, stack and display. New from JAKKS Pacific is a collection of collectible figurines in three different sizes featuring most of the top, beloved Disney properties and characters of all time!


When our package of Tsum Tsum’s arrived I was half tempted to hide them for myself, they are beyond adorable and would make some seriously cute little additions to my decor – however I knew in the long run I was likely going to lose them to A anyway so I gave in… begrudgingly.

As soon as she got her hands on the package she squealed in excitement, recognizing many of the characters from her favourite shows – Goofy, a favourite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cameo and of course – Figaro.


Our Tsum Tsum’s came in the 3 packs, but as soon as A saw them we started our own collection with the blind bags. Though slightly frustrating when we get a double, I’ve since learned to give them a good feel to hopefully find one we don’t have, my personal favourite so far? Buzz Lightyear. He’s rad!

This fun collectible toy is fun for everyone, use the collectors sheet to keep track of who you have (and who you need!), stack your singles or doubles and have fun seeing just how high you can stack your favourite characters.


Not a huge Disney character fan? They’ve got you covered. Tsum Tsums are available in both Disney characters and Marvel, I foresee many epic superhero battles on the kitchen table with these fun sets!

I kinda love that not only are they detailed, they are small enough that little fingers can easily move them, stack them and knock them down – all while developing some fine motor skills in the process!

You can find these adorable, fun little pals at major retailers near you… but be forewarned, it’s addictive and super fun to try and collect them all! We may have a small army of Tsum Tsum’s taking over my living room at any given time. Happy Stacking!

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