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Budsie reveal
Amy’s Budsies Reveal!

Children are creative little creatures. They can be known to flood our desks, refrigerators and tables with doodles, drawings and other craft projects. And, let’s be honest here, they aren’t all keepers. But every now and again a true gem is placed lovingly in your hands and when you gaze upon it you just know you have to display it carefully or stash it away because it is that good; certain holiday pieces, the first time they draw a family picture, or the first thing that actually looks like what they are attempting to draw, and as they get older and the art more complex it is nice to look back and see the progression. There are many different ways to keep these treasures; in a box in the attic, digital albums, wall displays, but none of those hits me in the feels quite like Budsies does when it comes to making a drawing last a lifetime.

There have been a few very special pieces that I love so much, I want to somehow immortalize them. One such piece is a drawing of my husband that my daughter drew for him a few years ago when she was 7 or 8. He often works out-of-town, and she would always draw a picture for him to hang in his hotel room or locker. This particular piece was just so incredibly awesome that we put it safely away once daddy came home after taking a picture of it on my phone so every time he calls, we get to see it.

When I first saw Budsies online last year I knew that if any drawing had to be done in Budsies fashion, it was the picture of my hubby. This is an amazing company that will take any drawing (or photo/selfie) and turn it into a huggable, lovable, 16″ plush doll. Seriously! I can’t even explain how much I loved the idea of my daughter having a Budsie daddy to snuggle with when he’s away at work. It literally melted my heart.


You can imagine then, the excitement I felt at being able to work with Budsies this year, and I eagerly sent off the photo. It was that simple. The waiting was the hard part. That, and keeping it a secret, and we were updated several times as the doll passed different stages from pattern, to choosing colours and finishing touches. From start to finish you can expect your Budsies to arrive in 4-6 weeks, depending on production orders ahead of yours.

The end result? Absolutely worth the wait. It’s incredible how they managed to make a pattern based on the drawing (photo of) and hand-sew everything, right down to the tiniest detail, to look exactly like the picture. The shape of the head, the way she had drawn the lightning bolt on the flash T-shirt, the eyebrow placement, everything was perfect. The material is very high-quality and the stitching looks impeccable, so I don’t predict hubby’s mini-me will be popping a stitch anytime soon.

My daughter freaked out, as only a tween girl can, when she first laid her eyes on this collaborative creation, and I have to admit, hubby and I were beaming ear to ear.

Budsies daddy holds a prominent position on a bed full of stuffies and I know that she will treasure this gift even more so when he gets called away to work again. Do you have a treasured drawing, perhaps you even have a photo of a close friend or family member that you’d like to turn into a Budsies friend? Make sure to visit Budsies.com for more information on their products and be prepared to be amazed.

Budsies Dad
The Budsies Model – Dad!

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Exciting news! While we aren’t running a giveaway on the blog just yet… we WILL be running a fun Facebook contest for one lucky fan to WIN their very own Budsies! All you need to do is get your child drawing! The theme for the contest will be “Winter fun”, get out those crayons and get ready for the contest! Make sure to visit us on Facebook and LIKE our page so you’ll be notified when it’s time to upload your creations.

{Disclosure: We received Budsies to facilitate our review, we were overjoyed with the outcome of our new friends and highly recommend them! All opinions are our own.}

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