Eczema; the never ending sensitive skin battle #Nutratopic

Eczema - Nutratopic When I first found out I was pregnant, I hoped for 3 things. A baby that was healthy, happy and didn’t inherit my ridiculously sensitive skin. I have the type of skin that breaks out if you look at it wrong, I’m constantly battling red spots, break outs and to be honest – it’s exhausting!

Luckily for me, Alivia seems to have been spared the worst of it, though she does suffer from Eczema that rears it’s ugly head for a few weeks at a time in a full blown break out. Its hard to explain to a little one why her skin hurts, why it’s itchy, why she can’t scratch it, why it feels rough and why she has to keep it dry/exposed/don’t touch it!

For months, we literally tried everything to clear up what we thought was a diaper rash on her tush, we tried creams, powders, fresh air time – the works! Every night we would dutifully slather creams on the spots and pray that by morning they might look a bit better – they never did though. By morning, they would be more red and looking more angry! Out of pure frustration and concern we took her in to see her Pediatrician who immediately diagnosed these angry, raised red blotches as Eczema – meaning everything we HAD been trying wasn’t working and was likely making it worse. Sensitive skin reacts to pretty much every yucky additive, fragrances and dyes all were irritating her already irritated skin.

Irritated skin can be more than a discomfort though for kids, with skin barriers damaged the risk of infection is significantly higher. We learned this the hard way after a small Eczema outbreak on Alivia’s cheek, she developed bigger rash and the next thing we knew she had a staph infection on her face – literally overnight. Warning, pretty sad Livvy posted next.

Livvy Ezcema outbreak

So what is the best way to avoid further irritation and breakouts? With a good barrier cream that is free of perfumes, parabens, lanolin and colours – pretty much everything sensitive skin reacts to. You want something that moisterizes the skin on a deeper level, without causing further irritation to the inflamed area.

When we were asked to try out Nutratopic by Intega Skin Sciences I was definitely curious, this product was making me some big promises that I have been on the hunt for for years. Could it really make a difference? After all, I’ve tried everything over the counter and a few prescription creams without lasting results.

We started using Nutratopic Pro-AMP a couple of weeks ago on a re-occuring spot just below where Alivia’s pull-ups rest during bedtime, given that she is a pretty heavy sleeper she is usually out cold for 11-12 hours and still not nighttime potty trained, this was a big test for us. Could Nutratopic offer a strong enough barrier to help keep the irritants off her skin at night?

Within a few days we noticed some slight improvement, the red spot wasn’t super red and angry in the morning anymore, the roughness was slowly disappearing and the general circumference of the inflamed area was retreating.. this seemed like a win! We found that we needed to use much less then we had originally thought to create the barrier on her skin, and rather than slathering it on and everything just sitting on the top – the lotion offered a deep hydration almost immediately and soaked right in. This extra level of hydration also aids in eliminating that itchy feeling, which is invaluable for kids. Intega Skin Sciences shares that with this deep hydration, their product is reinforcing the lipid mantle through the use of ceramides, omega-6, and L-iosleucine, Meaning, it’s not only treating the Ezcema and reactive skin – it’s helping to repair it and break the cycle of re-occuring flare-ups!

ISDIN carries a few different lines of creams available to help all members of the family. From Emollient cream for the kids, infant and child facial cream and emollient lotion and protective bath gel – there’s something to help with all kinds of dermatological frustrations. Want more information on where you can find it? Make sure to visit

Alivia Jumping - Eczema healed

Fact is, I have a kid who is active, who loves playing in the dirt, being in the water every chance she gets, painting and being a kid. Flare-ups slow her down and we just don’t have time for that. Would we buy Nutratopic Pro-Amp again? Absolutely. We saw the quickest improvement in her skin compared to other products we’ve triedand it didn’t further irritate her sensitive skin. Definitely a keeper.

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