On Modern Parenting and Gender Equality

What is a dad doing on a website called British Columbia Mom? A similar question might have been asked of a fellow dad blogger when he attended an after-school workshop for tween girls with questions about the changes their bodies were about to undergo… and he was the only male in a room filled with mothers and their daughters. And he was the only one willing to speak openly about

Having great nights with GoodNites

Potty training can be…well, a bit of an adventure, even with an easily trained child. There are the inevitable accidents, the dashing to the nearest public bathroom (or bush), and extra laundry. It’s a lot of baby steps, this potty training gig, but eventually, they get it in their own time and become masters of daytime elimination; learning to listen to their body’s signals, manage their clothes and proper hygiene.

Eczema; the never ending sensitive skin battle #Nutratopic

When I first found out I was pregnant, I hoped for 3 things. A baby that was healthy, happy and didn’t inherit my ridiculously sensitive skin. I have the type of skin that breaks out if you look at it wrong, I’m constantly battling red spots, break outs and to be honest – it’s exhausting! Luckily for me, Alivia seems to have been spared the worst of it, though she

Cloud B

Having a sleep routine is something that we started doing very early on for both of our daughters, and it is key to them having a good nights sleep. Cloud B has played a key part in that routine since day one. The typical bed time routine for the girls has included reading a book, turning on the sound machine in their rooms, and putting them in their bed or crib.

FloatSense North Burnaby

I remember back in grade school learning about the Dead Sea and being rather fascinated. We discussed things like how nothing could live in it because of the extremely high salt content, and that swimming in it would be more like floating, which you could do effortlessly if you chose. We also talked briefly about the health benefits associated with floating in its waters and the spa appeal, though that