CloudB Stay Asleep Buddies

One of the very first products we bought when we were sleep training was a CloudB turtle, mom’s in every group I was in were raving about these turtles and sure enough, they were an amazing nightlight that Alivia could control, and a constant in her bedtime routine that helped her fall asleep. As she’s gotten older though, I find she has a bit more trouble falling asleep, and staying

Pregnancy Vancouver

Congratulations! You’re expecting! Whether this is your first child or you are a seasoned mommy, this is a wonderful time marking the first of many milestones and surprises to come. And, even as a seasoned mommy, many questions. With both of my pregnancies, besidesย the musings of gender and name, breast or bottle, to wear or not to wear baby, came more important questions like “Who will deliver this little piece


This little monkey started preschool this year. In the blink of an eye my tiny 7lbs babe was a preschooler. We went from changing diapers to practicing printing. From nighttime feedings to teaching her to ride a bike. I blinked, and she’s almost grown up! I hate to admit it, but with how quickly time has already flown by, I know that grade school, high school and the inevitable university

Newborn Photoshoot with Alivia

I still remember the moment like it was just yesterday. Sitting completely upright during my delivery to ask with a gasped breathe “is she out!?” I wanted nothing more then to hug this miracle that had been growing inside me for 9 (long, VERY long) months. Alivia is a rainbow baby, a baby that I never thought I would be able to tangibly hold. Being a first time mom is


Like most parents it seems like there is a never ending supply of questions to go alongside raising our kids – unfortunately for us, nothing comes with a manual when it comes to our kids so I am always so appreciative of the experts in certain fields that take the time to patiently answer my millions (upon millions) of questions! Just recently I attended a twitter party withย @RBC_Canada and had