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Potty training can be…well, a bit of an adventure, even with an easily trained child. There are the inevitable accidents, the dashing to the nearest public bathroom (or bush), and extra laundry. It’s a lot of baby steps, this potty training gig, but eventually, they get it in their own time and become masters of daytime elimination; learning to listen to their body’s signals, manage their clothes and proper hygiene. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel with just one more things to conquer: night-time training.

Just as kids become daytime trained at different ages (my daughter was 18 mos, my son 4), night training will happen on their own schedule. It’s a few more baby steps, but GoodNites brand has a complete line of nighttime products to help everyone #RestEasyTonight. All GoodNites have added protection to support each stage of their continued development and help boost their confidence; not to mention reducing the laundry!

GoodNites Breton

It’s important to remember, when your child is down to nighttime protection only, that night training isn’t really like training at all. Unlike potty training where they learned to recognize their body’s different sensations and signals and act accordingly, nighttime wetting doesn’t resolve with practice. It’s more of a waiting game, allowing your child’s body to mature enough to learn and master this subconscious skill.

Most nighttime wetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is due to:

  • the brain and bladder not sending the signal needed to wake up to pee
  • the bladder not being mature enough to hold urine overnight
  • the bladder overproducing urine in the evening/overnight

But the great thing is that it is pretty common among youngsters, and that it usually will resolve on its own as muscles strengthen, neurological connections are made and the bladder grows over time. And, even though we can’t train them, we can still support them in this transition phase with love, patience, and a little help from GoodNites.

We are still essentially at Stage 1 with this nighttime business with more wet nights than not. And, while we try to limit liquids after dinner to the bare minimum, he still needs a good amount of overnight protection. With GoodNites Bedtime Pants and their five layers of protection, I know he has the best defense right now against wet pjs, and with their underwear-like fit he can put them on with ease and sleep in comfort.

GoodNites Mat Collage

That being said, little man is pretty excited to move on to the next step, and I’m curious myself since GoodNites TRU-FIT Underwear actually look like real underwear! They are designed to be used with TRU-FIT Disposable Inserts and have a water-repellent coating as well as fully sealed seams to provide plenty of pj protection. And while the inserts are meant to toss away, the underwear is a machine washable cotton blend. With their real underwear look, these are perfect for helping kids feel confident at a sleepover and for kids who have more dry nights than wet ones.

GoodNites Breton

The step I’m really looking forward to is the last one of course. The GoodNite Bed Mats provide incredible mattress protection and are perfect for the occasional wet night. While we are not here yet, I have in fact used these Bed Mats as mattress protection when we have had young kids sleep over who may or may not have needed protection. They can go discreetly under the fitted sheet if ‘secrecy’ is important, or on top of the fitted sheet to protect the sheet as well. And you guys! One GoodNites Bed Mat is designed to hold as much as an L/XL GoodNites Underwear and contain odour , so you know that you’re covered in the case of a rare accident.

Breton GoodNites

Knowing my little guy is fully covered for nighttime wetness, we all can relax and #RestEasyTonight with GoodNites on the job. It means no midnight wakes ups for either of us to change sheets and pj’s, giving us our much-needed sleep. It means less laundry and bedding to be redone, which is a huge plus in a house plagued by laundry. It means independence and confidence in himself, especially knowing that as parents we just need to let it go, and it will happen when it happens. Yep, thanks to GoodNites we are having great nights!

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