potty training

Having great nights with GoodNites

Potty training can be…well, a bit of an adventure, even with an easily trained child. There are the inevitable accidents, the dashing to the nearest public bathroom (or bush), and extra laundry. It’s a lot of baby steps, this potty training gig, but eventually, they get it in their own time and become masters of daytime elimination; learning to listen to their body’s signals, manage their clothes and proper hygiene.

Making potty training fun with Pull-Ups

It’s amazing watching our kids grow up and reach new milestones nearly everyday, one of the ones we are hoping to reach before winter break is Night time potty training with A, she has been such a dream with everything when she was little – self weaning from nursing, self weaning from her soother and essentially daytime potty training herself (for real!) but night time routines seem to be a