NHL Fun With Playmobil {Review}

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If you child loves the thrill of NHL hockey, they will absolutely adore the Playmobil NHL Hockey Arena and the Playmobil NHL Locker Room Play Box. There are so many ways to play with Playmobil and the hockey offerings are no exception to endless learning fun. Adding the sports dynamic makes it even more entertaining for the budding sports fan in your life. With these entertaining play sets, there’s always a home game.

With the help of Playmobil, you can customize your hockey rink playset with your favourite team’s logo and even put little numbers on the players’ jerseys. The Hockey Arena is the perfect setting for your kids to recreate their favourite games, imagine new in-game scenarios and even strategize their own future games. It adds a whole new dimension to storytelling and gives them time to practice their sports colour commentary. Your kids can make the players can skate on the surface of the arena and even take shots on net. Score! The hockey arena has 76 pieces and it’s easy to put together with the assistance of a parent or an older sibling, given it’s ideal for kids ages five and up (and for the kids in all of us parents.)

While the magic happens on the ice, the experience really starts in the locker room. Playmobil players can get ready for the game of their lives in the NHL locker room play box play set. The panels of the set open up and inside is hockey gear, two figures, and game play strategies are stowed in the locker room ready to be explored.

Playmobil NHL Team Locker Room

Your kids can re-enact pre-game rituals and role play coaching techniques with their favourite players. It’s a play set that’s easy to travel with because all the pieces get stored inside for fun on the go. Wherever you go, a game feels almost about to start. The gear inside includes hockey sticks with stand, goalie mask, gloves and leg pads, weights, desk, laptop, and tons of other accessories. There’s even a trophy ready to be awarded at the end of the game! What’s hockey without a cup to compete for? Just like the hockey arena, this play set is great for kids ages five and up.

The playmobil hockey sets are perfect for kids who enjoy organized sports and imaginative play. They can experiment with play patterns and enjoy game after game without lacing up skates. It brings the excitement of the hockey arena inside the house. Die hard fans can re-enact rivalries and savour the victories of the past and those imagined in the future. Find hours of family fun in time for the holidays with the help of the Playmobil NHL Hockey Arena and the Playmobil NHL Locker Room Play Box. Get yours today!

Playmobil NHL Hockey Rink Setup

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