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Last year, we had the immense pleasure of sharing a free local program that aims to connect families with resources for not only fitness but also nutrition. Have you ever wondered what all the percentages and ingredients are on the back of your food? Not sure how much physical exercise members of your family should be getting daily? It’s okay, not very many of us DO know this information, and MEND wants to help connect British Columbia parents with the answers.

With back to school in full force and the weather on the West Coast changing drastically (hello, Raincover) parents are being challenged to find ways to keep kids active, and not sitting in front of screens.

MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do It!) is a FREE, fun, healthy living program for children aged 5-7 and 7-13 who are above a healthy weight and their families. It’s a 10 week, education program that aims to connect families as a unit when it comes to getting fitter, healthier, and of course happier. How much easier would it be to make healthy decisions if everyone in your home was on board? I know that would make a huge change in my own personal lifestyle!


When we first learned about MEND, I honestly couldn’t believe that this wasn’t widely shared and taken advantage of. As parents, we struggle with balanced meals, exercise, screen time, school and so much more. How awesome is it to know that there is support out there to help families get up and off the couch, off the tablets and phones and get out and connect – all while having fun and being active?

I remember being the unhealthy kid in school, and as much as I wanted to be active and make better choices I also had a full time working mom and we didn’t have access to the information available now, I remember the struggles, teasing and bullying and how horrible it would make me feel. A lot of these bad habits and self-esteem issues followed me into adulthood, and I am grateful there is a program in place to help break the cycle.


MEND doesn’t aim to get kids skinny, to lose weight or to change who they are on the inside, it aims to empower them with the knowledge to make healthier choices for their own lives and to discover the power they have inside to rock those choices. To me, this program is worth it’s weight in gold; there is nothing better than seeing kids feel accomplished and proud of themselves.

For more information on the program, it’s availability and how to attend, make sure to head over to

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MEND wants to help your family kick-start their active living journey and has generously given us a $100 SportChek gift card to share with one lucky reader! This contest is open to residents of British Columbia that can either visit a Sportchek store or order online. Enter below!

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{Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MEND, all opinions and personal experiences are our own. We would never share anything less than fabulous with our fans!}

Tara Jensen
Tara is a parenting influencer based on the West Coast. With her full time career in health care, she focuses on green living, healthy family choices and encouraging families to live a fabulously frugal lifestyle. She lives on coffee, cuddles and post-its, generally in that order. When she isn’t working, she can be found outdoors exploring beautiful British Columbia with her family.