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Last year, we had the immense pleasure of sharing a free local program that aims to connect families with resources for not only fitness but also nutrition. Have you ever wondered what all the percentages and ingredients are on the back of your food? Not sure how much physical exercise members of your family should be getting daily? It’s okay, not very many of us DO know this information, and

Skating our way to energy saving with #REALiceCA

It’s been a pretty eye opening year for our household, we’ve had some amazing ambassador and partnership opportunities that has led us to making more green lifestyle choices at home, the office and has encouraged us to be more conscious and aware of the impact we are making with those choices. We’ve learned the ins and outs of recycling batteries of all shapes and sizes and we were graciously invited

Vlimb Base 5 party room

Both of my kids are Christmas babies and it can be challenging to find fun party ideas during the cold weather without repeating the same things over and over again. I can only do so many house/pool/bowling type gatherings with two parties in the same month and anything with a Christmas theme is usually out. We also like to alternate small parties with more elaborate parties and this year was

Adventure Awaits in our own Backyard {Review}

I grew up in Northern Ontario where snow was an everyday thing between roughly October and May, where snowmobiles were a main form of transportation for many during those months, and where sledding was an after school activity. One of the reasons I moved to BC’s south coast was it’s much milder climate and its lack of snow. I figured I had my fill, and should I have an itch

Plasma Car

We love toys that get kids moving, and having multiple purposes or features, like the ability to use it indoors or outdoors, adds to the longevity of a toy. One of the most played with toys in both our houses is a PlaSmart PlasmaCar. It’s the first thing my son hops on to when he visits his BFF Livvy, and now that he has his very own, he uses it


My daughter recently started her first semester of Sole Girls; an empowerment program for tween girls with focus not only on issues girls face day to day, what with hormones, growing up, body image and more, but also has a running component. This physical activity addition helps her meet her weekly quota of exercise, but also is building endurance, confidence, and flexibility. Empowering girls, between 8-12, to set goals, be