Magical Irish Fairies Move Into Canadian Homes {Review}

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There’s something to be said about the magic behind Fairy lore and the way it makes little imaginations run wild. We have always been huge fans of the Fairy Door, and think just about every home should have one and guess what? It’s your magical day! Magical Irish fairies from Fairy Valley have taken up residence in Canadian homes, to the delight and surprise of homeowners and children across Canada. The fairies have flown over from Fairy Valley in what appears to be the largest fairy migration to North America in recent history.

Turns out, there’s running out of room in Fairy Valley and think Canada just so happens to be one of the swellest places to settle in, we are the nicest folks around afterall, right?


We’re pretty lucky on the West Coast, the fairy migration started happening long ago when little houses started popping up in the Fairytale Forest, we warmly welcomed the mischievous little sprites and left out notes, treats and extra little houses, in case they needed more room.

Now you can bring that fairy magic home with you, The Irish Fairy Door Company thinks just about every Canadian home needs a special door to make sure all the misplaced little sprites have a home (and family!) to call their own.



With personalities and needs as varied as those of their human roommates, the fairies live in the baseboards, gardens, bookshelves and walls of homes, marked by tiny wooden fairy doors, which they set up upon arrival. Siobhan from Kitchener, Ontario, describes the variety of doors in her neighbourhood: “I walked to the basement one morning and saw my kids crouching to look at something.  There was a tiny green door perched against the wall, with a little shamrock at the top. It turns out that a fairy set up camp in my house. My neighbor also has a fairy living behind a blue door and my brother-in-law has one with a red door. I heard that there are five different Fairy Door colours! It’s really quite incredible and very flattering that the fairies have chosen to live with us!”

The fairies have a wide range of character traits and personal preferences but are known to collect children’s baby teeth, sneak snacks from the pantry, share a strong dislike for cheese puffs and are reportedly falling in love with maple syrup. Fairies are quite comfortable washing their own laundry and many even choose to set up a clothes line outside their door.


The fairies are very respectful of your space too, and have a wide variety of doors and styles to make sure their doors don’t stick out too much in your beautiful home, though you might end up with a clothes line, playground or a garden set up outside the door… they do like to feel comfortable after all!

The reason for the mass migration from Fairy Valley is due to limited space in Ireland. “Fairies love sharing their magic with humans and since we are occupying nearly half a million homes in Ireland, it only felt natural to share our magic with friendly and welcoming Canadians,” said Queen Kate in an official statement from Fairy Valley.

These adorable doors and accessories are sure to delight every member of the family and bring a little magic, laughs and mischief home! The Irish Fairy Doors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, whether you plan to create a magic fairy garden under a cozy tree, or pop a door near a special place inside your home – the magic lasts all year round.


I foresee these being a hot gift for Christmas with fairies popping up everywhere on Christmas morning. If you’re like to invite a fairy into your home without waiting for a door to pop up, you can find the lease kits at your local toy store. Make sure to register your fairy name once they arrive to unlock some super secret magic for your family to enjoy!

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