50th anniversary tour of Jesus Christ Superstar wows in Vancouver!

Photo: Broadway Across Canada

Something special has come to the pulchritudinous and historic Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Vancouver and it’s only going to be here for a short time. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to see the 50th-anniversary tour of Jesus Christ Superstar! This amazing show will only be on from November 15th – 20th making it a must-see ASAP. 

Running 90 minutes, this classic transports you to a wild creation of the iconic Andrew Llyod Webber and his 1970s take on the story of Jesus Christ. Within only 90 minutes you’ll be taken on a wild musical ride that will actually have your jaw on the floor. The pure talent of each and every person in this production is just indescribable. If you are a fan of the musical itself, or only know the old movie, you are going to have a great experience. Every performer on that stage is giving it their all and they do an incredible job. 

Jesus Christ Superstar is set against the backdrop of an extraordinary series of events during the final weeks of Jesus Christ’s life as seen through the eyes of Judas, with music and lyrics by Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winner Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The legendary score includes ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him,’ ‘Gethsemane,’ and ‘Superstar,’ all of which reflect the rock roots that defined a whole generation. And still more generations to this day because of incredible works like this and the timeless artists of the era. 

The astounding dancing of Haley Huelsman really stole the scene multiple times throughout, they were completely mesmerizing. Using dance to truly showcase the inner feelings of the scenes was a lovely treat and this shows choreography is divinely done. You will not be able to take your eyes off of them when they start to dance and their usage of glitter throughout the performance highlights the perfect moments. 

If you are a lover of metal music you will love Nicholas Hambruch in his role as Pilate. They will make you want to jump out of your seat immediately and cheer. I was blown away by the talent and was so thankful I got the chance to tell them so after the show, just by happenstance. The sheer power their voice brought to the music is something to experience. Isaac Ryckeghem and their role as Caiaphas, with their background in opera they knocked this role out of the park. With the deepness of their vocal range, you are covered in absolute shivers. Erich W. Schleck, I almost don’t have words for how captivating they were as Herod and as part of the ensemble. Every note was perfect, and crisp and seemed to be covered in diamonds and then their dance movements always drew me in. This whole cast oozes talent and they are at their best for this anniversary tour. 

Jesus Christ Superstar cast on stage dancing, photo Broadway Across Canada

Of course, there were so many incredible performers that truly stole the show with every note they hit or step they took. It was a perfect production from beginning to end and I couldn’t have been more thankful for the opportunity to enjoy it. With wild rock and metal music, glitter in replacement of blood, and the best wardrobe to compliment it all you won’t be disappointed. This show ticks all the boxes for entertainment and I hope they are proud of the hard work they’ve done, it has definitely paid off. 

Their set is another marvel, staying the same physically but being used so dynamically throughout the entire performance. You never feel like you are in the same place and their scene transitions are completely seamless creating something so special. They even begin the show by running down the aisles to the stage creating a oneness with the audience not many shows take advantage of. I can’t say this enough, it is a must-see show. 

Jesus Christ Superstar Cast on Stage at the queen elizabeth  theatre

Jesus Christ Superstar isn’t the only show you won’t want to miss!

If you want to get tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar’s 50th-anniversary tour production you can do so HERE. Or check out what else the Queen Elizabeth theatre will be hosting, as a little bird has told me that the lineup of upcoming shows is going to be spectacular! This show’s runtime is very short, but we’ll try to give you advance notice on future shows coming!

NOTE please know that this show is not intended for audiences under 8 years old, masks are still deeply encouraged during the show, and please be aware that JCSS has no intermission. Enjoy the show!

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