20 Green St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make

Collage of St. Patrick's Day crafts including stencil shamrocks and paper plate crafts

While there are lots of images of leprechauns and rainbows on St. Patrick’s Day, green is one of the most prominent colors of any St. Patrick’s Day decor. From four-leaf clovers to Irish colors, you’ll find green in just about any St. Patrick’s Day-themed item! If you are looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft for your kids, you are in luck! These easy projects are all green, so they’re the perfect craft to make for St. Patrick’s Day! Plus, you can get in on the fun too! Here are 20 green St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids to make.

St. Patrick’s Day is something we always participate in, I’m Irish and every chance we have to participate in an experience to celebrate our culture and have fun with it is always a hit at home! Whether you choose to celebrate traditionally or just have some leprechaun mischief or green happenings around the house, there are no shortages of fun activities to be had with over 20 easy crafts kids can make to have fun leading up to St. Patrick’s Day and beyond.

Our family is notorious for a little bit of mischief, green cereal milk in the morning or green glitter mysteriously around the house (moms favourite.. yikes!), or just fun gold coins stashed to find, you can have so much fun with all things green!

I wish I could pick my absolute favourites from this list but there is such a great variety of different St. Patrick’s Day crafts that suit all ages that I definitely recommend trying out as many as you can. You can also try out our Leprechaun Goo recipe for a fun sensory play activity or any of these 7 crafts and treats to make as well. The possibilities are endless!

Many of these crafts are easily made with items you likely already have at home or can be picked up at your local dollar store. We tend to keep a folder of holiday coloured craft paper and accessories sorted for easy to grab activities when we need a screen break or a rainy day hits and it’s worked out very well for us (and for my organizational loving self!)

If you’re feeling super crafty, a lot of these crafts can also be altered for other holidays as well. Instead of cutting out Shamrocks, try cutting out Christmas trees and decorating with red, green or gold or make yourself an elf hat instead of a Leprechaun! We plan to make a few different holiday bleach shirts as every kid loves wearing something they’ve made themselves so we know they’ll be a big hit.

20 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

  1. Mosaic Paper Shamrocks – a super easy craft that is perfect to use up extra scraps of paper you may have lying around!
  2. DIY Leprechaun Craft – this one is a favourite of mine for St. Patrick’s Day crafts, the Leprechaun googly eyes are a nice touch!
  3. Paper Plate Tambourine for St Patrick’s Day – a big hit for holidays around our house are noise makers, and these paper plate tambourines are on St. Patrick’s Day brand perfectly!
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Cards – Have you ever thought of using a marshmallow as a stamp? Well now you have, have fun with these cards that make the perfect shamrock shake with a pantry item!
  5. Mini Sound Shakers – the perfect DIY to use up soda or milk camps, make tiny sound shakers for the bigger kids, or tape them together for the smaller kids!
  6. Green Pepper Shamrock Stamps – Another fun kitchen craft that involves one of my favourites, green peppers! Did you know they make the perfect shamrock shape?
  7. Shamrock Leprechaun Craft – want next level easy? Free printable friends. Need I say more?
  8. Kid-Designed St. Patrick’s Day Shirt – Kids are loving tie dye right now, but have you tried this neat bleach pen craft yet?
  9. Four Leaf Clover Craft – a super easy craft you can make even easier with a punch and hang up in the window!
  10. Shamrock Paper Wreath Craft – Another great idea to use up scraps of paper you may have around the house, colour them in in different colours or cut up varying colours of green.
  11. St Patrick’s Day crafts Hat DIY – I really love this one as it can reuse a headband you already have, or add it to a clip instead!
  12. Crepe Paper Shamrocks – So most of these you might not display forever right? You might want to with this one! Paint a canvas to display it on and it looks beautiful!
  13. Shamrock Preschool Craft – We have another free printable friends! One that is adorable with little pipe cleaner feets.
  14. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Art Project – Have an extra salad spinner kicking around? The kids will LOVE spinning their shamrocks and watching the paint fly with this craft!
  15. St. Patrick’s Day Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft – Another great way to reuse items from around the house, create beautiful wind displays using toilet roll tubes.
  16. 3D Paper Plate St. Patrick’s Day Crafts – I loved this craft, they would be so fun on a teachers wall!
  17. Shamrock Puppy St. Patrick’s Day Craft Activity – Say it with me friends… freeeee printable! Another easy craft for littles.
  18. Leprechaun Hats – We’ve actually made these before and modpodged them to put out in our fairy garden, you can make them all sizes with popsicle sticks!
  19. St. Patrick’s Day Process Art – I love sensory play and art, this is a great project that can also add some mixed media to completely change the design.
  20. Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppet – Who doesn’t love a puppet!?

That is a lot of fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts to keep you and your littles busy for awhile at least! We hope you’ll try out some of these super easy crafts and share some of your creations with us. We cant wait to see what you create! Make sure if you make something fun to tag us on social media so we can share what fun creations you’ve made.

Want to come back later to find ideas for St. Patrick’s Day crafts? Don’t forget to pin it to your favourite board below. Happy crafting!

20 Green St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids pinterest imagine including shamrock hat, toilet roll leprechaun, stencil shamrocks and free printables
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