15 Great Gifts Kids Can Make for Christmas

15 Great Gifts That Kids Can Make For Christmas

15 Great Gifts That Kids Can Make For Christmas

Do you let the kids make their own gifts? Not only do the kids get to be crafty, but they get to put a personal touch on a gift. We found some amazing gifts that kids can make on their own or with some help from an adult. Whether you’re looking for a teacher gift, a gift for a friend, or a gift for a grandparent, we have you covered with 15 gifts kids can make.

I know sometimes it may be hard to relinquish control of arts and crafts projects to the kids, but letting the kids design a gift on their own would really mean something special to the recipient.

  1. Peppermint Sugar Scrub – The kids can make this festive bath and body gift. There is a free printable peppermint sugar scrub label included in the post. You can make a bunch of these up with the labels ready to go in under 15 minutes. 
  2. Snowman Hot Chocolate Gift Set – This hot chocolate gift set is super thrifty. It’s great for a classroom gift if the kids do an exchange. 
  3. Candy Cane Reindeer – Looking for a super easy yet very cute craft for the kids that also makes a fun gift? You’ll love these candy cane reindeer! 
  4. Easy Burlap Angel Ornament – This is an easy craft that even kids can make. I love how classy and simple this handmade Christmas ornament turned out.
  5. Manicure in a Jar – Everyone loves a little pampering. Kids will love putting together their favorite manicure supplies for their friends, teachers, or family members. 
  6. How to Make Earrings – Got a crafty tween/teen? These handmade earrings are so easy and turn out beautiful. 
  7. Fingerprint Christmas Lights Photo Frame – This great gift is perfect for the kids to make and give to grandparents. Of course, one parent could also help the kids make these photo frames to gift the other parent.
  8. DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs – Who doesn’t love a great mug? Grab a bunch of white mugs and you can have a simple craft done in a few minutes that looks like it took hours of work.
  9. Kid-Made Lip Gloss – This homemade lip gloss recipe is easy and affordable, making it a great gift for lots of friends!
  10. Leaf Clay Dishes – This leaf clay dish is a cool gift that older kids can make. It’s a gorgeous piece that can be used as a ring dish or simply to hold items like keys and coins. You can even turn it into a leaf bowl by using different leaves!
  11. Shrinky Dinks Keyring – Let the kids go crazy with their drawings on special plastic and then turn them into a keyring. Grandparents will go crazy over this one!
  12. DIY Bouncy Balls – Kids will love making bouncy balls for their friends, siblings, or cousins. It’s a fun craft for them, but an even better gift for someone else. Of course, you could also just grab all the ingredients and directions and gift a craft day to someone.
  13. Snowman Gift Pots – You do not need any special painting talent or skill to make these sweet gifts. Throw some candy or a small gift card in to finish it off. 
  14. Christmas Tree Stamped Tea Towel – This potato stamp project is fast, inexpensive and fun to do with kids. These kitchen towels make perfect DIY Christmas gift idea for teachers, neighbors or co-workers.
  15. Creepy Crawly Charm Necklaces and Bracelets – Not only do kids get to make super cool creepy, crawly charms with clay, but they get to give them away to their friends! 

I know personally that the handmade gifts are the ones I hold onto for years to come. Have the kids make one handmade item a year for at home and have them sign it so you can compare how much they’ve grown in writing and drawing each year. Hopefully, you can find some fun ideas on this list to involve the kids in the gift making and giving.

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15 Great Gifts That Kids Can Make For Christmas

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