Vtech Toys offers Rockin, Boppin Fun {Review}

Vtech Toys Rock Bop Music Player

Both of my girls love to bop along to music when it’s playing on the radio. There are times though that it would be nice to not have that on for everyone to hear. Thankfully VTech has come up with a great little item for young kids so they can listen to songs they know.

Rock & Bop Music Player

With the Rock & Bop Music Player my girls are able to “look like Mommy” when she uses her music player, but now I have no fear of them using their own. VTech put a lot of thought into this little item. From the songs it plays to the headphones that come with it.


• 10 musical games introduce letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time and more
• Play songs in three different music styles: classical, hip-hop and rock
• Instrument Remix mode lets you choose from piano, xylophone, saxophone, violin or guitar
• Dance around in Boogie Down mode, then freeze when the music stops
• 100+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
• Includes kid-safe headphones that limit the volume to protect little ears

Vtech Toys Rock Bop Music Player

The Rock & Bop Music Player comes with child-safe headphones that limit how loud the volume can be, helping to protect sensitive, little ears. My oldest is 4 years old and the headphones fit her perfectly, while my youngest is a toddler and they are big but she still manages to wear them when she can sneak the Rock & Bop Music Player away from her older sister.

Kids learn so much through music and VTech took note of this by including music that helps to introduce letters, numbers, animals and so much more with the different songs that can be played. It did not take long for my daughter to be singing along to different tunes. Plus with the songs being upbeat you’re certain to catch your kiddo dancing to the music. It’s amazing how music can bring so much joy to kids.

It is built with the VTech sturdiness one recognizes from their items. Plus it’s just the right size for little hands to hold. The price point is makes it much more child-friendly and you will not have to fear if it gets dropped. If you child is always wanting to use your music device, definitely consider getting one of these.

Vtech Toys Peek-A-Boo Phone

Peek-a-Boo Baby Phone – Pink

Recently the Peek-a-Boo Baby Phone was introduced to my youngest daughter and it has proven to be a great item to keep her busy. It’s also been a huge help in preventing her from wanting to grab my phone.

While this toy may be geared towards younger little ones, toddlers love having a phone of their own too. My daughter will pretend to make calls or press buttons just like I do, but on her Peek-a-Boo Baby Phone.

The bright colour got her attention right away. With different colours on each of the buttons you can introduce colours to your little one, as well as numbers 1 through 4. It has proven to be a basic learning tool too. There’s even a little surprise under the bear face for your child to discover. My daughter was thrilled to find a baby-proof mirror hidden there. She’s often making faces in the mirror.


• Turn the bear’s head to reveal a peek-a-boo mirror
• Four colorful buttons play songs, fun phrases, sounds and music
• 70+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
• Attaches to infant seats, strollers and car seats

Vtech Toys Peek-A-Boo Phone

The music and songs are what truly got my daughter’s attention and have helped keep her captivated by the phone. I have yet to have the tunes be on constant repeat, which means mommy and daddy are not getting bored of the too either.

If you have a little one who is constantly reaching for your phone to play with, check out the Peek-A-Boo Baby Phone from VTech. You can even attach it to infant seats and strollers with no fear of them tossing it overboard.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed review the music player has some really nice features.


  2. this would be wonderful for my grand babies , thanks for sharing an awesome review , great for gift ideas 🙂


  3. Vtech has awesome toys for the kids, and ones that they are interested in playing with, these two sound great and my grandson would love either of them!!


  4. I love that the Rock n Bop has child safe headphones. I think that it would be a great gift, thanks for the review.


  5. My granddaughter just received the one i ordered and she loves it,Thanks for the great review!


  6. Hey Tara and Helisa,

    V-tech toys are really good! I like Rock & Bop Music Player with a child-safe headphones, this on top of my list for my techie niece who loves music 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your insights on these toys!


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