Slurpee Canada Bring Your Own Cup Day – March 20, 2015

Slurpee Canada Bring Your Own Cup Day

Slurpee Canada Bring Your Own Cup Day

Bring your own cup day is back! We don’t generally drink a lot of Slurpees but it’s nice to make it an event when we actually do. Alivia loves getting her own treat and picking her colours and for $1.49, you can’t go wrong. Pack a big container, bring some smaller cups and enjoy a cool treat. Our weather in British Columbia has been abnormally warm for this time of year, hitting almost 20 Celsius so any excuse for a cool drink is a good one for me.

There’s a few rules on the containers you can fill, but you can certainly have fun with it! Grab the silliest container you can find for Bring Your Own Cup Day and make sure to share the deal with your friends.

Visit any participating 7-Eleven store on March 20th between 11am-7pm with your approved Slurpee receptacle and get filling! For $1.49, you can fill any container that fits in their magic measuring device at the store.


1. Slurpee Cup must fit inside the magic measuring hole/device displayed in store.

2. Container used for this promotion must fit within a 26cm diameter. Cups, when full, must fit within a specific size limit: 26cm wide x 26cm high.

3. Container must be able to withhold liquids.

4. Cup must be hygienic, clean, watertight (no drips or leaks allowed), and fixed in size and shape (no inflatables).

5. One container per customer per day. No refills allowed.

6. Container must be food safe clean of any contaminants.

7. Individual 7-Eleven Stores and its staff have the right to restrict containers should there be any deemed Food Safety Issues, or matters such as cleanliness, impacted health regulations, type of cup or size of cup.

Okay, fess up… who’s going for a Slurpee on Friday? We are!

Tara Jensen
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