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I can hardly believe that my baby is 10. Sure, it just happened. But the signs my girl is growing up have been coming for awhile. She is finding her own style, caring more about her appearance, and is asking about *gasp* cosmetics. We struggle (her dad maybe a little more) with this desire to enhance her appearance. We also want to make sure that what she puts on her face is gentle and natural in ingredients. With her lips being sensitive to any type of mint/peppermint/menthol, it is actually pretty though to find a great lip balm and takes a lot of reading the fine print on the packaging. Amy and I happened upon Kiss Naturals DIY Lip Balm Kit recently, and after reading the ingredients agreed to talk it over with her father and do a little more research.

Kiss Naturals is a Canadian company based in Quebec. Checking out their website, I found they make a lot more than lip balm kits, each one affordable and would appeal to my girl. But what sold me was this:

At Kiss Naturals, we believe that Nature got it right the first time. We don’t add fillers, additives, dyes or synthetics to any of our products. We simply use Nature’s ingredients in their purest form.

Kiss Naturals

Amelia was ecstatic when we received the Kiss Naturals Lip Balm Kit, Glycerin Soap Making Kit and the Hair Chalk Kit. Each one comes with simple instructions and they do their own online tutorials – a great bonus if your child is a visual learner.  After reading and watching, Amy was ready to give it a go and make her first Lip Balm.


The Kiss Naturals DIY Lip Balm kit contains a safflower oil, beeswax pellets and shea butter as its main ingredients, 2 natural fragrance oils in bubble gum and boysenberry and enough ingredients to make six full pots.The ingredients are easily mixed with a short trip in the microwave and some stirring power, and once mixture is uniform, you can scent it with either scent, a combination of the two, or just leave it plain. Either way, it is a wonderfully nourishing balm with very few ingredients. Pots are provided to pour the finished balm into, but let mixture cool a bit or it will warp the container. Let balms cools for at least an hour before using and enjoy! The included ingredients are enough to make six jars. This DIY kit inspired Amelia to look for other tutorials on YouTube to make even more kinds of lip balm using things like Jello powder, Kool-Aid and hot chocolate to add flavour and colours.

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The Kiss Naturals DIY Hair Chalk kit comes complete with six different colours of chalk base, witch hazel, a dropper and mixing cup, and an adorable silicone heart mold for shaping and drying the chalks. The first small batch Amelia made, she found that she added too much witch hazel and so added another coloured chalk base to thicken it, thus creating a custom colour. Advice here is that you can always add a few more drops if your mixture is too thick. The directions suggest leaving the chalks to dry for two hours, but we found that leaving it to dry overnight made them more vibrant. She was very excited to use her homemade hair chalk before going to school the next day, and in her dark blond hair it showed up quite nice. One kit makes six chalks.
Kiss Naturals Soap Collage
The Kiss Naturals DIY Glycerine Soap kit contains a bar of glycerine soap portioned into 8 squares, a silicone mould with 4 different shapes, red and blue mica based colourants, two natural fragrances in Jasmine and Tropical Sunset, and a mixing spoon and cup. After melting her desired amount of the glycerine soap in the microwave, watching carefully that it did not boil over, she added a small amount of colour at a time until she was satisfied and then a few drops of fragrance oil. This kit has a recommended cooling time of 15 minutes, and both kids were very eager to wash their hands as soon as they were cool enough to remove! The fragrance is light and the soap cleans nicely without drying. One kit will make 16 soaps, and so it is a favourite activity to do at playdates and sleepovers with the guest being able to bring one home.

While Amelia was able to make these products on her own with minimal supervision, she is 10, so I strongly recommend adult supervision/help for younger children as the soap and balms get quite hot after being heated and could potentially cause injury.

We had so much fun making our own beauty products and spending girly time together, and I love that all of the products were gentle enough for everyone to use, natural, and effective. Final thoughts? Amelia had been saving up for these kits long before we were provided them to review, she was determined to try them out and we were not disappointed. These would make unique gifts for any child and really foster imagination, once a kit is finished they are already thinking of ways to make the next one.

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