Singing and Roaring with Vtech Toys {Review}


Vtech toys are always a huge hit in our home. Their products always grab the attention of my girls, and they hold up to the durability testing of a preschooler and 8 month old. Recently we were introduced to the Crinkle & Roar Lion, and the Zoo Jamz Microphone. Both were popular as soon as they were removed from their packaging.

The Crinkle & Roar Lion is a great toy for younger children, the age range states birth to 36 months however I would put the range a bit lower at about 24 months. My preschooler did play with the lion, but it was more so whenever she was interacting with her younger sister.

“Shake the adorable lion to activate the motion sensor and hear him roar and play other cheerful sounds. Your little one will love the crinkly feet, ribbon tags and textured rings. The lion also includes a baby-safe mirror to build self awareness. It’s also the perfect take-along toy and can be attached to carriers, strollers and more. Explore and learn with the playful Crinkle & Roar Lion™!”

Vtech Toys Lion

Vtech was brilliant and put two volume settings and an off switch on this toy. I found that the lowest volume setting is loud enough. The lion is also machine washable, which is something all parents are thankful for. It also has a ring that you can use to attach the lion to your child’s crib, or stroller. It easy attaches, and helps prevent the constant need to be picking up a toy that has been tossed overboard.

My youngest daughter loved that she could easily have songs start playing by shaking the lion, or pressing the shapes on its tummy. There are 50+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. With such a large variety it helps prevent constant repeat of the same things playing over, and over. Though parents be warned even then you will still be singing the songs in your head.

Now, I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about the Zoo Jamz Microphone when I first read the description for it:

“Speed up or slow down the tempo and add fun sound effects by turning the ring. Press the six light-up instrument buttons and your little one will learn about each instrument and hear the sound it makes. They can also use the light-up buttons to play ten different melodies note by note. Bring the animal band together by pressing the star-shaped button and hear the lion sing with the zebra from Zoo Jamz Piano™ and the giraffe from Zoo Jamz Guitar™ (each sold separately). Go on an exciting singing safari!”

Vtech Zoo Jams Microphone

I was concerned that it would not hold the attention span of my girls long enough, and that it would constant repetition of the same thing. Yet again, VTech proved me wrong. This is recommended for ages 18 to 48 months, and it was perfect for my 3 year old. She instantly gravitated towards it.

My daughter loved singing a long to the songs played by the Zoo Jamz Microphone, and hearing her voice be amplified. I loved hearing her learn all of the different songs. It amazed me how quickly she picked them up. This toy is loaded with 80+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases giving it even more variety than the Crinkle & Roar Lion and making it a great next toy as your child grows up.

Vtech toys Zoo Jams Microphone

Any toy that also provides a learning opportunity is a hit in my books. My daughter was learning new songs, and she was learning all about different musical instruments, from their names to the sounds they make. I also loved watching as my daughter showed her little sister the different colours on the microphone as they lit up, and she would tell her what the colour was. She was having fun, and is involving her sister. Can I ask for more?

Both the Crinkle & Roar Lion and the Zoo Jamz Microphone have become favourites in our house. The lion will be found tagging a long for walks, and you will find the microphone in use when it’s time for a musical performance.

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{Disclosure: Vtech generously provided these fun toys for the kids to test out, as always our opinions are our own and we would only share the best with you!}

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