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As a mom, regardless of how hard I try to stay organized and on top of life things will inevitably slip my mind. Usually, it’s things like not realizing it’s hot lunch day until I’ve already packed lunch that morning. Or forgetting that I left a cheese string in my purse for a few days.

The fact is, as a society nowadays we are pretty bombarded with a million things to remember pretty regularly. I’m pretty surprised most days that I can make it out of the house every everyone in tow! Most recently though.. we had a bit of a situation that I desperately wish we had this neat little device around for…Introducing, the Tile.

What are three things you hope to never lose? Chances are, it’s either your wallet, keys or phone. All things we depend on daily. During the winter, my other half was out snowboarding at Cypress and while he thought he had zipped up his coat on the chair lift, turns out he had not and his phone AND his keys fell out of his pocket somewhere on the mountain. Keyword, somewhere.

Cue the panic. It was 10:00pm at night and he was stranded without keys, without a phone, on a snowy mountain in the middle of winter. Lucky for us, he was able to find someone who let him phone for road side assistance to tow him back to the house. It was that type of a night.

Tile Slim Packaging

Tile Mate Packaging

Thankfully both items are replaceable, but it’s a major inconvenience for anyone! I had joked that if we used find my iPhone it might help us find it, unfortunately it doesn’t give you much in the location department other than a little blip on a giant map and you hope and pray you’re in the right area. To date, they still haven’t made an appearance and we’ve pretty much lost hope of either ever being returned.

Now, you’re probably saying this situation would never happen to you. And you’re right, chances are it probably won’t. But you know what might happen to you? You might drop your phone at the park, or you might pack your keys in a moving box, or your phone may slip out of your pocket just about anywhere.

Fact is, stuff gets lost. A LOT of stuff gets lost and Tile is aiming to re-connect owners with their stuff – one Tile at a time.

So what are you aiming to keep track of? The Tile Slim is perfect for wallets and backpacks, slim enough to slip inside an inner pocket without adding any bulk but large enough that you don’t start searching for it thinking you’ve lost it to. I was impressed at how nicely it fit inside hubby’s wallet, he’s pretty minimal with what he carries and I was worried he would notice – surprisingly, he had no idea I had slipped it into a side pocket!

The Slim is also conspicuous enough to fit underneath a phone case, I was able to pop it behind my Otterbox Defender case with no issues. I’m not losing *another* iPhone on my watch.

Or, if you’re more concerned about losing your house or car keys, pop the Tile Mate onto any key ring, it’s teeny tiny and built to withstand the jingle and abuse of a giant set of keys. We’ve added a Mate to each of our key rings – especially since my car only has one key and costs almost $500 to replace (eek!). The Mate can attach to any key ring so it’s extremely versatile in where you can use it! Keys, Backpacks, Purses, Laptop bags, you name it!

I personally love the Slim. As an influencer most of my business is run through my phone. Endless emails, apps, notes and everything in between. When I misplace my phone, it’s a serious panic and can slow down my work considerably. I love the peace of mind that comes with being able to find it with the click of a button on other devices. Whether you work on your phone or manage your families schedules – not having your phone can slow down anyone’s day and we love that now – we don’t have to worry!

Now, you’re probably asking yourself… great, I’ve attached these little white squares to things I’m hoping to never lose… but, what happens when I actually lose them?

That my friends, is when the magic happens. What’s better than one set of eyes looking for something? How about hundreds, thousands even? Tile boasts a network of millions! When you first set up your Tile’s, you’ll sync them to an app on your phone that opens up some amazing doors that shows you how amazing these little Tile’s truly are.

Once you’ve added your Tile’s to your account, you’ll be able to use your phone to find your lost keys/mate items, or if you lose your phone just double tap your mate to activate a chime on your phone (regardless of if the sound is on!). Given up looking for the day or no longer in the same area? Select notify when found to receive a notification when any other tile user passes by your item, you’ll receive updated information on your items location in real time – right on the app!

And most importantly… not quite sure WHERE you lost your item? Check the app to see the last place you had it. It’s that easy!

Regardless of how mindful you are of where your items are it’s always important to be prepared for the unexpected. So far, the Tile has saved me a few times while packing up our stuff after the flood, to finding my keys in a new house and of course keeping track of our phones!

Tile also boasts a minimal upkeep with up to a year of tracking with no recharging or worrying about keeping cords, when your year is up just reTile  and upgrade your tile for a fraction of the cost. I love that it’s eco-friendly and your returned tile is recycled and kept OUT of the landfill.

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Tile wants to help YOU keep track of important items and has genouously given us 2 tile Mate’s to share with 2 lucky fans! Want to win? Enter below! Contest is open to residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority. Contest ends July 24, 2017. Good luck!
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