Flipsize Canada, flip those old clothes into gift cards, or stock the next size up!

Flipsize Canada

Flipsize Canada

Anyone else LOVE going to the mall with 3 year olds in tow? Doesn’t it make for a stress-free, enjoyable shopping experience every single time? Yea… not over here either. I find it a challenge to find time to make it to the mall with kids in tow and manage to get out of the mall with everything on my list on a good day, never mind a grumpy day!

When I was introduced to Flipsize Canada by the owner Catherine Clutchey it was well over a year ago, I saw a few postings for her clothes in swap groups and was intrigued by the whole process. I could shop in my pajamas… send in clothes that Alivia had already outgrown and earn cash to spend and gift cards just for doing it? It sounded pretty cool to me and I was eager to try it out!

Flipsize Canada
Total cost $49.50, not pictured is 4 items at Breton’s house!

Recently, we were given a $50 shopping spree to check out Flipsize Canada’s online store and I was in my glory! Alivia fits clothes a little weird, she’s a very  tall 3.5 year old and wears between 5-6T right now, depending on the brand. Stocking her closet used to consist of multiple trips to different stores to get the sizes she needed in each brand! Now, all I do is logon to Flipsize Canada and start shopping.

The process is relatively easy, create your account, decide what size/gender you are shopping for and away you go. Each item has an as-is photo that has been taken by the Flipsize Canada staff so what you see is what you get. Each item has been inspected before the photo is even taken so you don’t run into that thrift store problem of way too many items coming in and being thrown on hangers, to take the photos the items have to be physically picked up and looked through, which is a total selling point for me! They also disclose any issues attached to each item in the description, if there is slight pilling from fleece, or wash and wear, it’s listed so there are no hidden surprises when your items arrive.

Flipsize Canada
Gap skirt $6.50, patterned sweater $4.00

Shopping is a breeze, with everything broken up into easy to find categories you can shop for tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, or just view all. The sizes are broken up too which makes flipping between them very easy! You can shop for all of the kids at once and not be disappointed that the item you want isn’t in the size you are looking for!

Check-out was a breeze, once I had filled my cart (and I mean FILLED!) I headed to check out, once your account is logged in, you click on cart, follow the on-screen instructions and decide if you would like to have your items shipped, or local pick-up. Catherine lives pretty close to me so I was able to save a little bit of money and just went to pick up, she has a great drop-box system outside of her house for orders so it was just a few seconds to run up, grab my bag and be on my way. Time saved = WIN!

Flipsize Canada
Peace Hoody $4.00, purple sweatshirt $3.00

Flipsize carries a wide array of brands, many of which I hadn’t heard of but were absolutely adorable. You won’t have any trouble finding Gap, Gymboree, TCP and many more well known brands at up to 90% off retail prices! My $50 credit purchased us 17 gently used (pretty darn close to new quality) items for both Alivia & Breton, with items ranging from as low as $1, it’s easy to fill your cart and not feel guilty about grabbing a couple extra items for friends.

Don’t forget to hold onto those outgrown clothes when you’re done, if they meet Flipsize Canada’s “no duds” policy, you can “flip” them back into new clothes, or even gift cards. I have a giant bag behind Alivia’s door of outgrown clothes that I keep adding to, but never have the time to sort, photograph and try to sell. I really appreciate the ease of grabbing the easy to sell items and requesting a bag to send in. If you are local, you can request any clothing they don’t keep back as well! Head over and order a flip bag!

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(Disclosure: We received a shop credit in exchange for our review, all opinions within are our own)

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