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If you’re a longish time reader of my blog you’ll probably remember my love for KidoodleTV in some previous posts (here & here!). To this day, it is still a favorite app of ours for Alivia, and since discovering them months ago the app has grown by leaps and bounds, adding even more fun favorites!

You’re probably asking yourself, what is so great about this app? Why do you love it as much as you do? Well, let me share…

Raise your hand if sometimes, in that split second when you just need a moment to breath, to do the dishes, to run and switch the laundry you hand over your phone or tablet to the little monkeys and make a break for it? I know I sure do, Alivia has her own iPad mini that we have loaded with safe, educational and fun APPs and KidoodleTV has been a long standing favorite for many reasons.

I really enjoy that I control what she watches. Over the past few weeks dad has let her watch other shows that I end up catching snippets of and immediately turn off. There are some shows that are a NO-GO in our home. KidoodleTV offers the option to turn off shows that you don’t want your children having access to, they don’t even see them in the list! How sneaky is that?

They don’t just offer one kind of show either, with a variety of cartoons, educational, nature and wildlife shows, you can really pick and choose a great variety of parent approved shows and rest assured knowing they are only seeing safe shows. The staff at KidoodleTV watches every single show that is added to the app, confirming there is only content that you as a parent, would want your child to watch.


We also don’t have kids cable channels, at nearly $35 a package (yes, you read that right!) we cancelled them, for the amount of time that we actually spend letting her watch TV, it just was a waste of money for us. KidoodleTV is only $4.99 a month, much cheaper then any cable package out there and offers a much wider variety of both infant, toddler and school age appropriate shows, it’s a much more cost effective option in our home.

Okay, so we’ve gone over how awesome the variety is within the app, now how about the fact you can also set limits on how long they are allowed to watch? Maybe they’ve earned a 15 minute show for cleaning their room, KidoodleTV has you covered with not only time limits, but also a bed time limit!

KidoodleTV appEverything is customized by mom and dad, so the control is in YOUR hands. Once they are in the app you can breath a bit easier knowing that they are only seeing approved, controlled and age appropriate content. With our iPad we can turn on guided access and once she’s in the app, she can’t get out either! Which is perfect for shared devices.

For more information on capabilities of the app, a list of shows available and other great options, make sure to check out Kidoodle.TV! You can use Kidoodle on the computer, or it’s available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play!

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