I-Exit Vancouver, are you up for the challenge? {+ #Giveaway!}

I-Exit Vancouver

I-Exit Vancouver

Puzzle and Escape rooms have become all the craze in Metro Vancouver, and up until recently I had managed to avoid being sucked into this one.. that is until we were invited to check out I-Exit Downtown Vancouver! It was hard to pass up, I have been dying to try them but had been avoiding it due to the incessant need to win. You see, with most challenge rooms only 1% actually make it out of the room, this isn’t really confidence building for me. I-Exit Vancouver is a bit different though, and they have won us over. Located on Granville in Vancouver, it’s easy to get to by both transit, and by car and offers an array of lunch and dinner stops along the route, perfect for a date night!

When we arrived we were introduced to the owner Thomas, and his clue-giving employee Rory. Thomas shared with us that he has traveled around the world testing out different escape rooms and slowly building his own, with literally thousands of different rooms all over the world, he was able to pick and choose what he felt worked from his own experience, and what didn’t. We also learned there are 2 different types of escape rooms, those that are more European based that focus on puzzles and clues, and Asian style that include a lot more combination locks (we were very thankful there wasn’t a lot of these!).

We opted to try out the Doomed to Win in Las Vegas room, and were given 1 hour, and 5 clues to get out of the room. Let me tell you, an hour goes by QUICK.Ā We were teamed up with Eschelle from Mumfection.com which of course made for hilarity throughout the entire hour. Our clue-giver had a good laugh at our ridiculousness and we spent a lot of time running between the 3 rooms in hopes of actually getting out (bragging rights!).

Doomed to Win in Las Vegas is only 1 of the 4 rooms available at I-Exit Vancouver, they offer 2 beginner rooms for those just starting out with Escape Rooms, and 2 advanced rooms for those that think they are ready for a challenge! I am so grateful we started with the beginner room, with this having been my first time trying out any sort of Escape Room, I felt this really gave me the confidence to try out the harder rooms next time.

Any of the rooms at I-Exit Vancouver are perfect for challenging your mind, you’ll be encouraged to think “outside the box” to solve unique challenges within each room, from collecting data to problem solving you’ll be encouragedĀ to stay on top of your game to make it out in your allotted time. You do want those bragging rights after all, right?

I can’t give away any secrets from our time in the room, but I can tell you this – it is the ultimate team building exercise. Some activities you can’t complete on your own, and some you truly do need to rely on your team! Communication is key, and we were heard yelling back and forth at each other pretty much the whole time. I was so grateful to have an awesome team and with just 15 seconds left on our clock we ESCAPED!

I really enjoyed the thought that went into these rooms, the challenge was real! There were of course items to throw you off the trail but with enough brain storming with your team you’ll rock it. I also really enjoyed that these rooms are family friendly. There is NO gore, NO live actors and nothing spooky or scary. Perfect for a family outing with the kids – little ones in carriers are free!

I-Exit Vancouver offers a great birthday package, with the birthday person being free with 3 paying friends as well as corporate team building visits. Or better yet, just round up a few friends and head in for a visit! With an hour of technology free time, you’re giving your brain a much needed workout!

I-Exit Vancouver has generously given us an AMAZING prize to share with one of our readers! One lucky winner is going to win an hour play in their room of choice for 6 people! That is a $200 prize folks, and the perfect chance to try out an escape room for the first time. Enter below!
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{Disclosure: We were invited to experience I-Exit Vancouver as a #YVRBloggers outing, all opinions are our own and not influenced by the sponsor}

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