I-Exit Vancouver

Puzzle and Escape rooms have become all the craze in Metro Vancouver, and up until recently I had managed to avoid being sucked into this one.. that is until we were invited to check out I-Exit Downtown Vancouver! It was hard to pass up, I have been dying to try them but had been avoiding it due to the incessant need to win. You see, with most challenge rooms only

Adventure Awaits in our own Backyard {Review}

I grew up in Northern Ontario where snow was an everyday thing between roughly October and May, where snowmobiles were a main form of transportation for many during those months, and where sledding was an after school activity. One of the reasons I moved to BC’s south coast was it’s much milder climate and its lack of snow. I figured I had my fill, and should I have an itch

Science World Logo

Don’t forget to head down to Science World on September 27 & 28, 2014 to take advantage of the FREE weekend! It can be a bit pricey to take the entire family down to Science World so this is the perfect opportunity to make a day of it and see some of their fantastic new exhibits! Parking is a little bit confusing… if you plan to stay longer then 2