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Frugal Friday Bridal Falls

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We are a family of five. Five. That means we have three kids. To me, that does not seem like a lot but we get comments all the time like, “Wow your hands are full” or “You have a lot of kids.” Really, a lot? I would consider five kids to maybe be a lot, but not three. None the less, in this culture with how prices have skyrocketed it can seem like a lot. Of course, it would be cheaper if we only had one or two but we have learned along the way easy ways to get entertainment as an entire family and as husband and wife for those rare date nights that come along.


1)  Check out Local Activities

Living in the lower mainland there are many free festivals that happen. We will usually stick between Surrey and Abbotsford because of the cost of filling up our van. Head out as a family or drop the kiddos off at the grandparents and enjoy a festival just the two of you.

Some of the local festivals in the fraser valley area:

Keep an eye out on your local newspaper or Facebook to keep up- to- date on what is happening in your area. The City of Langley also has a Recreation Guide out right now for Spring-Summer with all the events happening in Langley it should have come in your mail if you are a resident of Langley or click the link to view online.


2) Get Outdoors

This is our favorite thing to do, not only as a family but as a date as well. The only cost is gas and or a babysitter if you need to pay one. We have such an advantage of living in a place where hikes and trails surround us. Pack a lunch and enjoy the fresh air. To make it even more fun, add geocaching to the adventure. If you are unsure of what that is, check it out by clicking the link.

3) Family Favourites at Colossus

Colossus runs family movies on certain Saturdays. Admission is only 2.99 per person. They aren’t new ones but it is a great way to enjoy the theater without all the cost. They also have snacks on for cheaper as well. For your partner and you, Costco has movie passes that are $25.00 which is good for two admissions, two drinks and one large popcorn to share.

4) Family Nights

Every Friday is family night in our household. We eat pizza and either watch a movie or play a game. Pizza comes from Costco that we just add toppings onto. The movie comes from our local library, most of the time or Netflix. The games come from our stash or we will pick up a cheap used one at a local thrift store. Sometimes Jon and I will put the kids to bed early and use it for a date night in. Nacho’s, popcorn, bruschetta and either snuggle and watch a movie or play a game just the two of us.

5) Groupon

Groupon can sometimes have some great family activities, the most recent I have seen is Great Wolf Lodge. Also, whale watching or water rafting, depending on the age range of your family find one that suits you. My husband has also used this platform to get a great deal on a date night.

If like us, you mostly do not have anyone who can watch your kiddos for free we found a couple who were in the same boat as us, not wanting to spend on a babysitter but needing some date nights. We would swap once a month and it was a great way to save that babysitter cost.

Costco also has great ways to save one activities as well, not just for movies. They have some for Whistler as well!

Hope you have found some new tricks to save on both family entertainment and with your partner!


Shannon is a learning every day, relying on grace type mama to her three children. She has a love for seeking out ethically sourced goods along with a passion to support businesses in her surrounding area and spreading kindness through her #kindnessmovement. You will often find her at home where she homeschooling her two youngest or out on a grand outdoor adventure with the entire family where they find the most joy.

You can find her over at Adventurous Mama, or visit her on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram.