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earhooxvarietyI have really weird ear canals, I’ll admit it. I am forever wiggling earbuds back into my ears, grumbling when they fall out when I go running or just giving up and putting on huge headphones just to be able to properly hear my music. Like most people I was hunting for a solution that was cost effective and didn’t involve me buying new earphones just to try them out to make sure that they fit.


When I was introduced to EarHoox I was immediately impressed! I had spent so much money on a pair of head phones that had the silicone lip built into them and when I say so much.. I mean way too much, to the tune of almost $160! Had I have known about EarHoox sooner I could have saved myself quite a bit of money and just used the earbuds I already had.

EarHoox are easily adaptable to most circular earbuds and earpods, simply pick if you would like the small or the large size (both are included!) and stretch over your earphones. They are designed to fit comfortably inside your ear, and I found that the super soft silicone made them barely noticeable while wearing them!


So whether you are an avid runner, frequent the gym or just like listen to your music or podcasts on the go, EarHoox are the perfect companion and will help you keep your earphones where you want them – in your ears! At only $10 per set of 2, they are a very cost effective way to get the most out of your music experience, no more annoying pulling your earbuds out of your ears, no more fighting to find the perfect fit, and no more expensive replacements!

EarHoox have become an everyday accessory to my phone, since I use bluetooth on my phone while I am driving I really appreciate that I don’t have to keep adjusting while I am driving, once they are in, they STAY in. I also might love that they come in so many different colors (and likely more to come!) so I can match them to whichever case I happen to be using that day.

Thinking of gift ideas? Earhoox are the perfect size (and price!) to use as unique stocking stuffer ideas for loved ones who live for their playlists!

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