Have a parking violation you’d like waived? Do a good deed and make a donation to the Salvation Army!

imparkImperial Parking Canada Corporation (IMPARK) announced today it is offering a one-day, 4 hour event during which anyone in Vancouver who has an unpaid Impark parking violation notice can have it waived by making a toy donation of equal value to The Salvation Army in support of families in need this Christmas.

On Thursday, November 27th, Impark will be accepting new, unused and unwrapped toys, and in exchange, the donor’s unpaid parking violation notice will be waived. A single toy donated will waive a single unpaid violation notice. Those with multiple unpaid violations will need to bring an equal number of toys to match the number of Impark parking violation notices they would like waived. Have a bunch? Go raid Toys R Us for some goodies and help make a child’s Christmas!

Donors must bring a copy of their violation notice(s), statement(s) or their license plate number in order to ensure proper credit of their account.

Specific toy and gift needs include, but are not limited to; puzzles, books, gift cards (for movies, retail, iTunes, etc.), sports equipment, and Lego. Gifts appropriate for teens are particularly appreciated as they often go over looked.



The Salvation Army Belkin House
555 Homer Street (between Dunsmuir and Pender) in Vancouver


November 27th between 7am ‐ 11am



  1. What a brilliant campaign! It should be available all year round 🙂


  2. What a wonderful thing to do, gives to the Salvation Army, and gives the general public a break too! 🙂


  3. That is a great event and will help those with bills this year.


  4. Great idea esp for people who don’t normally give


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