Groupon Coupons; saving more than ever before

Groupon Coupon Money Saving

Groupon Coupon Money Saving

{Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, opinions and penny-pinching passion is my own.}

I love to save money. Sales, clearance tags, and coupons in any combination excite me and enable me to save money on a wide variety of daily items. It’s amazing how those small savings can add up quickly in your monthly budget, every penny adds up after all! Websites like Groupon allow me to save money on everything from experiences to dining, even oil changes making date nights and family outings inexpensive without being cheap. So, imagine my delight upon discovering Groupon Coupons! I’m talking thousands of coupons for thousands of stores, all on one handy site; be still my penny-pinching heart.

Groupon Coupons catalogues all sales, coupons and promo codes for each of the many stores, updating all the time from the various sources. There are also many exclusive coupons and deals that are available only through Groupon, making it an even more valuable resource and time saver for fellow frugalistas.

With oodles of savings available for shops my kids love, like the Disney Store, Forever 21, American Eagle and ToysRUs Canada, back-to-school shopping is going to be breeze and easy on the purse strings this year…if I can stop myself from getting carried away.

I also have some plans for some of that money I save:

  • I have been dying for a great sale at Nordstrom after receiving a gift card awhile back. After seeing a whopping 108(!!) different coupons/sales/codes for Nordstrom alone, I am giddy at my prospects
  • I have a soft spot for makeup and cannot walk past a Sephora without an itch to try a new product. With 72 different offers available for promotional gifts, savings and samples, I can add to my collection of cosmetics, not my collection of guilt.

And this is only the beginning! With more stores and deals being listed all the time, I’m looking forward to discovering some new favourites as well. While the coupons are primarily based in the U.S., we’re close enough to the border to hop over and take advantage of these extra bits of savings and with our dollar being pretty cruddy – we need all the savings we can get!

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Which store(s) would be at the top of your save & shop list? Happy Saving!

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