6 Easy Ways To Save On Your Next Grocery Bill

Grocery shopping savings with reebee

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There’s really no escaping that the cost of living is always climbing, living in Vancouver we definitely see the effects often. Grocery prices alone have noticeably raised on items that we regularly purchase and have meant we’ve needed to change the way we grocery shop to stay within our budget. Even a $1 difference on regular items can push us way outside our budget. With kids in school, work lunches (and dinners some days) and trying to keep the fridge stocked with good food, I use every tip I can find to keep our grocery bill manageable, and sometimes even under budget!

#1 – Make that list

This may seem like a no-brainer, but going to the grocery store without a list is basically a recipe for a disaster. Especially if you’re doing a big family shop! Standing in the aisles wondering if you have ketchup or eggs at home, frantic text messages back and forth with someone at home, I’ve been there. Categorize your list by areas in the store, produce, meat, dairy, dry goods and stick to only walking down the aisles that have something you need in them. Avoid the impulse aisles and only grab what’s on the list. I always start with my list on a piece of scrap paper (more on that later!) and create the “final” list after the next steps.

#2 – Meal Plan

Meal planning definitely isn’t for everyone, and I am not a guru about it by any means. I do find that when we have a general idea of what we are going to have for big meals throughout the next 2 weeks I can budget accordingly and know exactly what we need. I also try to make meals stretch into the next day if possible. A full chicken can be used across 2 meals, roasted veggies can be stretched to left overs and so on. This also helps me shop in bulk which can also cut down the price a lot. You can also free meal plan and plan out your proteins and basic meals and build from there with pantry items.

Grocery shopping savings with reebee

#3 – Shop The Pantry/Freezer First

This is a step that I bet most people don’t even think about before grocery shopping. While you’re making your list (step #1!) make sure that you’re aware of what you already have. Check the pantry, inside and outside freezer (if you have one) and of course the fridge! Cross those items off the shopping list so you don’t overbuy what you don’t need. A huge way to cut down your budget is to make sure you’re eating what you already have and not letting it to go waste. As you’re going through what you already have you can make adjustments to the meal plan and finalize your list, we’ve discovered more times than I care to admit that we really don’t need much as we have tons of items in the freezer/fridge that I can whip up some magic with.

#4 – Leave a bit of room in the budget for “stock up” items

Not something you’d usually see on a tip list, but I highly recommend having a tiny buffer in your budget for stock up buys. If you normally buy an item that is on a great sale this week, buy enough to last 1-2 months (the usual sale cycles) and then you’ll save on the next grocery shop. I usually budget an extra $25 a week for this, some weeks we use it and some we don’t, depending on what we need. If you use coupons quite a bit, you’ll be thankful for the buffer to grab a few extra of something that is a great deal.

#5 – Price Match

Price matching is one of my biggest tips for not only saving money but also saving time. I don’t have the time in my day to drive to 12 different stores to  get the best price so I head to one store that price matches with my flyer deals and buy everything there. In my area I do this quite a bit at Save-On-Foods and have always had a great experience. If you aren’t sure of your stores admatch policy make sure to ask beforehand so you don’t have any surprises. Some stores only price match stores within a certain distance, and stores that don’t require a membership.

#6 – Get the reebee App (it’s free!)

Arguably one of the easiest ways to save money on your grocery bill is the reebee App. Available on both iOs and Android, this user friendly app aggregates all your local flyers into one easy to use interface. On average, reebee users save $3978 per year on their groceries by knowing exactly what is on sale and where. If your local to me, you can hit up No Frills, Superstore or Save-On-Foods to price match right from the app and do all of your shopping in one place! Our local paper delivery is iffy on the best of days so I love being able to just open my app and have everything at my fingertips.

I’m a paper & pen kind of gal and usually write my list down on paper before pulling out the App. Once I’ve found everything I plan to price match in the app I can add it to my digital shopping list. When you get into your local grocery store just tap each item on your list to bring up the appropriate flyer for price matching and you’re good to go! If you don’t have a store nearby that does price match, you can pull flyers from your local area and check which sale is the best and head there. Split your shopping list if need be and get yourself the best deal. Once I have everything set up in my shopping list with prices, I can figure out at a glance how close, or how far, I am from meeting my budget goal and I LOVE THIS.

Grocery shopping savings with reebee

Also, did you know that reebee users save on average 36 mins per week planning their grocery shops? Having to not flip through and collect individual flyers is a huge time saver. That adds up to more than an entire day over the course of the year that you get back to spend with your families.

I’m all about saving time and money and appreciate when the digital age makes it even easier for me! Don’t forget to use your reebee app around the holidays as well for the best prices on Easter goodies, Christmas gifts and everything in between. There’s money to be saved every time you go shopping!

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