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My first born is a girl. Those of you who have experience with little girls know that there is NO shortage of adorable outfits and accessories to be had and there are a bazillion different fashionable choices in items from head-to-toe. And we had quite a freaking cute wardrobe, let me tell you! Then, we had a boy. Instantly my fashion choices for my little babe were cut in less than half. It became more of a hunt to find clothing items and accessories for boys that spoke to us, had personality, and were well-made.

When I was introduced to Doonbug Designs, a little etsy shop home-based in BC, I was immediately drawn to the multitude of patterns available in the belts – for girls and boys. Finally! I had options, choices in colour and pattern, and I can match the belt to his personality, a specific outfit, or cater to a particular interest. I can even choose from three types of closures which best suits my child’s abilities when it comes to getting dressed.
All Doonbug Design items are handmade by Andrea, a make-at-home-mom with an eye for detail based in Williams Lake, BC. Each item comes with a satisfaction guarantee. As a parent herself, she knows choosy parents choose quality and Andrea stands behind her work.

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And speaking of behinds…I’ve been seeing a lot less of Bean’s since he’s been wearing his Doonbug belts because, lets be honest, toddler and preschool bodies are pretty tiny and it can be a struggle to keep those pants in place! Each belt is constructed out of 1″ 100% cotton webbing with the desired grosgrain or jacquard ribbon, treated to prevent fraying, stitched solidly on top. Closures can be velcro, D-ring plus velcro, double D-ring, or plastic (for kids with metal sensitivities) in design.

Doonbug Belts promote pride and independence in children before, during and far beyond potty training while meeting the highest quality standards and being available in an amazing selection of solids and prints.

My son loves his Doonbug belts, and best of all (for all involved) he can undo them himself to get to the potty, something his other belts caused him frustration over. He really loves his blue flame one, especially on days when he feels the need for speed. I love their solid construction, and that each belt comes with 3 inches of room to grow with since we all know how quickly kids sprout. And, while the belts are standardized to seven different sizes, every order can be custom made to ensure fit by waist measurement, even if the recipient does not fit a standard size.
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Since our review, Andrea has since changed the design of her belts and we’ve had the chance to test out both! The new design is pretty much everything we could have wanted in these belts – a shorter tale with the belt loop a bit farther away allows the belts to lie flatter against pants and eliminate risks of belts getting caught up. We’ve also found that with both Breton and Alivia that the new design has made ease of use that much smoother!

We absolutely love our belts – from the various designs and patterns to the independence it grants the littles we were so thankful to discover Doonbug Designs!

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