Disney Studios Coco pulls on our heart strings {Review}

Disney Pixar Coco

Disney’s newest animated family flick Coco hits theatres on November 22, and after seeing the trailers multiple times, we knew we just had to go see it. When offered a chance to see it before it hit theatres, you bet we jumped at the chance. I love and am fascinated by Dia De Muertos – The Day of the Dead, in Mexican culture. Not only the colourful sugar skulls that we all know, but the meaning of the day itself; a day for remembering and celebrating those who came before us, and the idea that our loved ones are never truly gone if we remember them and pass on their stories. So the fact that Coco is set in Mexico during this very celebration was an instant draw, and after having the chance to view it ourselves, we think it’s an instant hit!

Coco follows a young boy named Miguel who has finally worked up the courage to show off his musical talent. There’s just one problem. His family hates music . Not only hates it, but forbids it and has done so for generations, leaving him torn between his love and acceptance of his family and his passion for music.

When Miguel becomes desperate for a guitar to play, and borrows one from a shrine to his musical hero, Ernesto de la Cruz, he is accidentally transported to the land of his ancestors! As his form starts to change from flesh to bone, Miguel finds out he has until sunrise to somehow make it back home, or else he will be stuck there forever. With the help of a lovable stray dog named Dante and a charming, sly, but not well remembered skeleton named Hector, he not only makes it, but unravels a family mystery about great grandma Coco.

Disney Pixar Coco

We loved how we were given deeper knowledge of this cultural tradition and its customs and beliefs while making us laugh, cry and feel all the feels.  To honour and accurately portray Mexican culture, film makers spent three years visiting Mexico, immersing themselves in all the traditions and customs, music and fashion, history and…well you get the picture. The entire film is rich with meaning and a lot of laughs for all ages but definitely pack the tissues for this must-see movie!

Did you know that the color and aroma of marigold petals are believed to help guide the spirit of a family’s loved one home during Día de Muertos?

Disney Pixar Coco

{Thank you to Disney Studios Canada for inviting us to see an advance screening of this movie, all opinions are our own.}

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